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A Little Closer to Cribbs Deal, Rex Hadnot to Test Free Agency

Several sources are reporting that the Cleveland Browns are very close to agreeing on a new contract with Joshua Cribbs. The only thing that is holding them up? How much guaranteed money Cribbs will receive. I don't really understand why so many sources have been reporting this as an update for the past day though, as this was the same situation the two sides were in the past week or so.

I suppose the difference is that now we might be at the point where it's the "final offer" type of deal. Cribbs initially requested $10 million guaranteed, while the Browns were only offering $5 million guaranteed. Cribbs' agents have reportedly made a compromise offer (perhaps near $7.5 million?), meaning Mike Holmgren can either accept the offer or pass. We shall see.

One of the Browns unrestricted free agents is offensive guard Rex Hadnot. According to his agent, Hadnot is choosing to test free agency.

"We had some preliminary talks, but it looks like he’s going to be testing the market to see if he can get better value from another team," said Rickert, who represents Hadnot as well as Cribbs. "He’s enjoyed his two years in Cleveland but he would like to see if he can get the opportunity to start full time somewhere."

The Plain Dealer reports that at least five teams are expected to be interested in Hadnot come Friday.