Want to know if Berry falls to #7? It depends on Mike Shanahan and the Redskins.

The only way the Bucs (#3) pass on Eric Berry is if McCoy or Suh is available. If the Rams take a QB first overall (and they should), then one of the DTs will be available at #3. If Suh or McCoy falls to the Bucs, they will be the pick. The chiefs at #5 are pretty sure to look Offensive tackle.

The big question mark is Mike Shanahan in Washington. A lot of mocks have the 'skins drafting a QB at #4, but with the retirement of Chris Samuels the Redskins now have a glaring need at LT. Pete Carroll is certainly hoping that the Redskins take either Russell Okung or Anthony Davis (the Chiefs will get the other tackle, but not necessarily at #5) Which leaves the Seahawks at #6.

If one of the Quarterbacks slips by the Redskins and lands in Pete Carroll's lap, he would be hard pressed to pass on them, especially if he could add a Brian Bulaga or Trent Williams with his other first round pick (#14) and still have a chance to add his guy Taylor Mays in the second round.

If the Rams take a QB and the Redskins take an OT, then Berry probably falls to #7.

However, should the Redskins take the other QB at #4, then The Seahawks are stuck a little bit at #6. They could use a playmaker in the secondary but their biggest needs are QB and OT. They can get a good OT at #14 but if neither Clausen nor Bradford gets to them at #6, they probably take Berry.

If the Browns brass really like Eric Berry, they could probably swing a trade with the Chiefs, since the chiefs would likely be able to get either Okung or Davis at #7 and could save some money giving them a #7 contract instead of a #5.

So, In the likely event that the Rams and Redskins both take QBs, The Browns should be on the phone to the Chiefs looking to send one of their third round picks to Kansas City in order to leapfrog the Seahawks for Eric Berry. I think the Chiefs would be willing to deal, considering that they are almost certain to get Okung anyway (or at the very least Anthony Davis, if Pete Carroll were to take Okung) and they could save some money on their first round pick, moving down a few slots.

What do you think? Is Eric Berry the guy? Is he worth eshewing the Joe Haden backup plan in order to trade up for him?

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