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Free Agency: Moves already happening

Here is where we are at right now.

The Browns gave out no first round tenders.  But they went crazy with second rounders, handing out SIX second round tenders to Elam, Roth, Trusnik, Vickers, DQ and Harrison.

To me that seems like the Browns are hanging a For Sale sign out front on these players.

What moves will the Browns make?  Who should the Browns be looking at?

The Colts decided not to tender Marlin Jackson.  Jackson has had a lot of injuries over the past two seasons, but he is still a talented player who has some upside.

Daniel Jeremiah of, is reporting that some teams have some very valuable players out for trade right now.  With all of his contacts in Cleveland (he is a former Browns employee under Mankok) I wonder if the Browns are one of those teams?  

Charles Grant of the World Champion Saints will be cut tomorrow.  Grant (6-3 285lbs) could maybe be a fit in the 3-4 front of the Browns, depending on what Ryan and Mangini have cooked up.  Grant always has seemed like an underachiever, but has talent.

Antonio Cromartie has been traded to the Jets for a third rounder in '11 could be a second rounder with playing time incentives.  Wish the Browns would have jumped in on this one. We really could have used another CB.

More to follow.