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Jamal Lewis Extends the April Fools Tradition

I think Jamal Lewis might have misinterpreted the concept of April Fools, which in essence is the day you say something serious only to follow it up with a "sike" all in one day. Unlike a Long Con (shout out to our LOST fans here) where a con is supposed to be dragged out over a span of time, an April Fools joke is restricted to one day. Based on the events that have transpired though, Lewis completed (or at least revealed) his Long Fool today.

Back on November 1, following another tough loss with the Cleveland Browns, Lewis had this to say:

Jamal Lewis can only take so much more and he says one half a season is the extent of it. Lewis said in the locker room a few minutes ago that he is retiring after the season.


Today, April 1, it was revealed that Lewis visited the New Orleans Saints. While a formal offer has not been made to him, Lewis would probably fit well in the Saints' offense that likes to substitute players in and out, so he doesn't suffer too much wear and tear. By virtue of Lewis' interest in the Saints and the revelation, Lewis' "long fool" was a way to say "gotcha, I'm not really retiring!"

The problem? I doubt anyone in Cleveland really cares, especially after seeing how our backfield improved tremendously with the combination of Jerome Harrison and Chris Jennings at the end of the season. On top of that, rumors had already circulated before this that Lewis did not plan on retiring after all, despite the fact that he was persistent during the regular season that he would stick to his word.