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Heckert: Browns Have Contacted Rams About No. 1 Pick, Draft Pick Should Start

While addressing the media today, Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert confirmed reports that the team has contacted the Rams about moving up to the first pick in the draft to select QB Sam Bradford. Team president Mike Holmgren emphasized the risk in making such a deal, hence why the team will inevitably probably stay away from the first pick:

"You'd have to mortgage the ranch. In the real world, we're probably going to go in a different direction."

Heckert also confirmed that the Browns have discussed trade options with all of the teams ahead of them and a few of the teams behind them.

Drafting a Starter at No. 7

The most interesting quote I heard was relayed by the OBR, where Heckert stated that they expected the player they choose at No. 7 to start.

"We hope so,"he said. "That’s why we would be taking him."

Which drafted position would warrant a starting role? I'd say that the leading candidates would be safety, defensive line, and wide receiver, in that order.

Jimmy Clausen Talk

Rumors have heated up that the Browns will consider drafting QB Jimmy Clausen. Holmgren talked a little about his differing opinions over the past few weeks regarding Clausen:

The first question was about quarterback Jimmy Claussen and Holmgren said he now likes Claussen after meeting him.

"He’s a fine young guy and I wouldn’t read too much into my earlier comments," he said. "I like him. He was playing hurt for a lot of the year. I always like to meet any of the players because it helps me to evaluate him. He is what he is."

Holmgren was quoted prior to the Browns meeting with Claussen that he didn’t particularly like him.

"Don’t yell at me, and I’m not going to say why I said what I did," he said. "I had my reasons and I’ll leave it at that."

If there are any more quotes that the media shares later on from Heckert and Holmgren, I'll update this post accordingly.