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Devils Advocate: Why we should trade up to number one

A look at why getting to number one overall could be adventageous


With the first pick, the Browns select...

I am not saying that this is my view, just laying out some points.

As we know, there are rumors going around that the Browns have made some inquires into the number one pick overall. While I am not sure how much interest we do have, I think we talked with every team about trades, it got me thinking.

What are the reasons why we should get to number one?

  1. Sam Bradford is that good. If you never saw him at Oklahoma, you missed out. He put up playstation numbers in a BCS conference. He was +70 TD-INT ratio in the two seasons he started. His YPA were 9.2 and 9.8. Jimmy Clausen's best YPA was 8.7. We are talking a full yard better. Bradford also possesses unworldly accuracy. Not only does he get the ball to the WR, he gets it to them in the right spot so they don't have to break stride. Bradford has everything you could want in a draftable QB.
  2. Who else is there? Clausen has his questions as does Colt McCoy. Tebow needs to be remade. Anyone really think Pike can be a good QB at the NFL level? History shows that if a QB isn't prepared enough to be drafted in the first round, they probably aren't going to matter at the NFL level. Outside of Bradford and Clausen, the others probably aren't first rounders. So in that line of thinking, it is Bradford vs. Clausen.
  3. How many seasons do we need to go with a question mark at QB? We haven't had a good QB in Orange and Brown since Bernie. We need someone that we can draft and let grow with this team and front office. Think of Donovan McNabb with Andy Reid. Brett Ratliff isn't going to get it done.
  4. Need I say more? Jake-delhomme_medium
  5. Yes I know the cost would be high, but let me paint a picture for you. Let's say it takes our first, second, and two third rounders plus a first round pick next season. We have our QB for the future learning our offense right now. Being protected by the secret service of Thomas-Stienbach-Mack. Growing with MoMass, Robo and Watson. Add in the run game that we had at the end of last season and we start looking like we have a future on offense. Crazy idea huh? After all, if we don't get a QB in this draft we are in all likelihood going to be choosing one in the first round next season. Why not get a jump on it?
  6. This isn't a Couch situation. The offensive line alone would save Bradford from the savage beating that Couch took. This isn't the "new" Browns. We have some pieces. We have Pro Bowl offensive lineman. We can protect a young kid. We can give him a chance.
  7. Rob Ryan. I know this is a weird reason, but follow me. Rob Ryan took chicken sh*t and made chicken salad last season. Let him do it again. Add in some late picks. Add in some shrewd trades (Sheldon Brown). Add in a healthy Shaun Rogers. I am the most pro-defense guy on this board, but if Ryan can create magic for one more season, why not wait on defense and fix the gaping hole in this franchise at QB? I have much more faith in Rob Ryan than Brian Daboll.
  8. Holmgren. If the Big Show thinks that Sam Bradford is worth trading up to number one, who the hell are we to question it? We are talking about a guy who coached Montana, Young, and Favre among many others. This dude forgets more about QB's then we will ever know. He has looked under the hood. He has seen the tape. If he is sold, shouldn't be all be at ease?

So, do any of these reasons carry any weight with you? You in for Bradford at one?