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Devils Advocate: Why we should draft CJ Spiller


This has been the exact view that ACC defenses have had of Spiller for four seasons.

These are not my views per se, but the flip side of the coin.

Why should the Browns sink a first round pick into Running Back?

  • Just because idiots like Bernie19Kosar think that Running Backs are mostly a dime a dozen doesn't mean that we shouldn't take Spiller. This is because Spiller isn't a regular RB. He is a freak. We are talking about a guy who walked onto campus and took time away from starter, and current Brown, James Davis. In case you forgot, James Davis was pretty freakin' sweet at Clemson, yet Spiller came in and took 45% of the workload.
  • Seriously. Dude. Is. Freakin'. Nasty. Please take 8 minutes out of your day and watch these. The juke moves he put on Georgia Tech are straight out of Playstation 3.
  • There is speed, then there is rare speed. The gear that separates the Chris Johnson's and Devin Hester's from the Jerome Harrison's and Ronnie Brown's of the NFL. CJ Spiller has this gear. The old adage of "If I am even, I am leavin'" applies to Spiller. If he hits a crack, he is gone. If he gets a seam, forget about it. Watch the tape and watch how he pulls away from everyone, including guys who have angles on him. Does that remind you of anyone?
  • This offense is devoid of any playmakers. Jerome Harrison is a nice player, but not in the same galaxy as CJ Spiller. So if we don't have a QB, why not add in a playmaker that can be simply handed the ball? Hell, even Jake Delhomme can do that right? With Thomas-Steinbach-Mack blowing open holes, we would have a rushing duo to go against the best in the NFL. Paul Brown himself would be proud.
  • Spiller is far and away the best RB in this draft. This isn't like the DT's, OT's or QB's. There is no debate who the first RB in the draft is. Ryan Matthews is a nice player, but we aren't talking the level of a Spiller. If we walk away from this draft with the best player at a position, isn't that a win for the Browns?
  • Spiller is rounded. We are talking about a RB that has 123 catches in his career. That is more catches than Demaryius Thomas has in his career! Arrelious Benn only has 36 more. We are talking about a RB that knows how to catch the ball. This is a guy who can play all three downs. No other RB in the draft is as versatile catching the ball and returning kicks as CJ Spiller.
  • I know that 30 is a scary number for RB's, but Spiller will 23 on opening day. That would mean we get 6-7 seasons of top flight explosion from a game breaker. The dangerous contract for Running Backs is the second one, not the first one. Why worry about that problem now? Did I mention that he only had 606 carries in his entire college career? Adrian Peterson had 747 in his injury plagued career at Oklahoma. Spiller is still damn near brand new!
  • Stick with me. Let's say that the Browns draft Colt McCoy/Tim Tebow in the second round. Is there anything better than a powerful running attack to help a youngster QB along? Spiller-Harrison-Davis-Hillis-Vickers would be a hell of a backfield. Put them behind a very good offensive line and you have the perfect situation in which a young QB can grow in. Isn't that what Baltimore did with Flacco? Falcons with Matt Ryan? Spiller is the key in letting this offense grow together.
  • We could possibly trade Jerome Harrison. I like Harrison as much as the next fellow, but all the sudden our backfield is really crowded with talented runners. No matter how many times we hand the ball off, four RB's are going to be tough to please. So why not flip Harrison, whose stock may be at its peak, and his one year tender offer for a 3rd or 4th round pick. No, it isn't a great pick but it could be a pass rusher or a CB. Every little bit helps right?

So what do you say DBN? Should the Browns take the dive and grab Spiller at seven? Only one Devils Advocate left!