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Devils Advocate: Why we should draft Tim Tebow


"I do two things well, score TD's and pray. I don't see any churches Beyotch."

These are not necessarily my views, just the flip side of the coin.

Why should the Browns take Tim Tebow as the QB of the future?

  • Tebow needs work. Alexander James Murphy didn't need this much work. He needs to clean up his footwork and especially his release. You know what he did about it? He attacked it. He didn't wait for a NFL team to draft him and then start to make changes. He realized that this was a problem and got started right after the Senior Bowl. He isn't done, and bad habits die hard. I can't guarantee that Tim Tebow will be good in the NFL. I can guarantee that it won't be because he won't work his ass off. Ask the Raiders if that is an important quality in a franchise QB.
  • Aren't we the perfect situation for Tebow to be in? A team that in all reality isn't planning on winning big next season. Draft the kid, make him live with Mike Holmgren, Brian Dabol and Gil Haskell for the season, and bring him along slowly. Don't draw up exotic plays for him to use his feet, we have someone to do that kind of thing, and he happens to be damn good at it. Make him become a QB. Bring him along at a snails pace. Give him a series a game starting in week 4. Two series a game in week 8. Not only would it make the week 17 snoozer watchable, but it would allow Tebow to get game action in a somewhat controlled environment.
  • Say what you want about the kid, but he is a leader. His speeches may be hokey, but the Florida Gators were Tim Tebow's team. There wasn't a question who was the captain. Don't the Browns need someone to take this franchise by the brass ones and take them into the next level of NFL franchises? All great dynasties had great leaders. Otto with the Browns. Bradshaw with the Steelers. Staubach with the Cowboys. Starr with the Packers. Montana with the 49ers. Aikman with the Cowboys. They may not have been the best player on that team, but they sure as hell were the leaders. Sounds like Tebow to me.
  • Who cares that he played in a spread? This isn't 1999 anymore. Try finding an offense in college that doesn't run some version of the spread. It used to be that only the weirdo schools ran spread in college football. Not anymore. So what that Tebow took all of his snaps out of shotgun? The New England Patriots ran over 50% of their plays out of shotgun. Didn't seem to hurt Tom Brady. If learning the five step drop is the biggest problem he has, then sign me up. Sure he needs a lot of work, but who do you think is going to out work Tim Tebow?
  • Intangibles. I know this is a touchy subject. I am not going to say "He's a winner!" But Tebow has "it". "It" is kind of like porn. I can't explain what it is, but when I see "it", I know. Tebow has "it". Clausen doesn't. I think McCoy and Bradford may, but the only QB I can point to for sure, is Tim Tebow. Maybe this is a cliche reason, but I bet if you are honest with yourself, you think the same thing. When the crowd is at its loudest and the Gators were facing a 3rd and 12, deep down you knew that Tim Tebow, somehow, some way, was going to pick this up and keep the drive alive. How freaking sweet would that be to have that in a Browns uniform?
  • Wouldn't this be Mike Holmgren's greatest accomplishment? We are talking about a man who turned a QB from a 53% pass completion back-up into a 65% pass completion Hall of Famer. Who would you rather have shape a young QB? We already established that Tebow will work his ass off. Combine that with the QB wizardry that Holmgren has performed over his career, what are the chances that Tebow doesn't at least become a average starter?
  • Clausen had Tate, Floyd and Rudolph. Bradford had Ryan Broyles and the fantastic rushing duo of DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown. Tebow had a H-Back and a white WR. Tebow was the leading rusher. Long story short, Tebow didn't have any surrounding playmakers this season. He lost Percy Harvin, yet his YPA stayed the same and his completion percentage went up. If Florida was going to move the ball, it was going to be because of the arm or feet of Tim Tebow and he did it.
  • Don't hold Tebow responsible for others. So Vern Lundquist wants to have his children. Why is that Tebows fault? Thom Brennaman's life goal is to spend 10 minutes with Tim Tebow. Since when is being a great person a bad thing? Kurt Warner seems like a great God loving, puppy petting, hungry people-feeding person and he was one hell of a QB. Why do people hold this against Tebow? I sure as hell don't think it will hurt him at the next level. He had no problem fitting into the University of Florida locker room and that place is full of criminals and thugs. As long as he doesn't go Cerrano in Major League 2 (My second Major League 2 reference of the week!) who cares if he is a great guy? Here I thought we were trying to avoid a*sholes!
  • Unlike Bradford, Clausen and McCoy, Tebow is probably not going to cost us a first rounder (and then some in Bradford's case). Doesn't the package of Berry and Tebow sound better than Clausen and Nate Allen? It sure as hell does to me. Not only will we be able to get a first round talent at seven, but we will be able to sit still in the second round and nab the QB of the future.
  • Sam Bradford is accurate. His Heisman winning season he had a 67.9 completion percentage. Tim Tebow's completion percentage last season was 67.8. Insane right? You're probably thinking that Tebow was throwing easier routes in his offense. Sure that may be true, but Tebow was putting the ball right on the money, allowing his weapons, the few he had, to catch and get upfield (9.2 YPA). That sounds like something that Mike Holmgren and Gil Haskell will be looking for in a QB. Just because Tebow wasn't asked to throw deep on a consistent basis, doesn't mean he can't. As we know, a strong arm doesn't make you a good QB in this league. Right? Give me accuracy and a smart head instead.
  • Tebow takes care of the football. He is 88-16 in TD-INT ratio. I don't want to hear about system. Chris Leak threw 13 INT's in one season under Meyer. Tebow doesn't do dumb things with the football. Isn't that the hardest thing to teach a young QB? Hell, Brett Favre still has trouble with this lesson. We need a QB that will take care of the football and allow our running game to do the damage. McCoy had 12 INT's last season. Sam Bradford career-wise has the same amount of INT's as Tebow in two less seasons! When it comes to ball security, Tebow is far and away the best in this draft class.
  • If we take Tebow, Jaws' head will explode.
So what do you think Browns fans? Should the Browns pick Tebow in the second and let Holmgren work his magic?