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NFL Draft 2010: Mike Holmgren Betting All Picks for QB Sam Bradford?

According to ESPN's Michael Smith, Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren is making one last push to acquire the first overall pick from the St. Louis Rams in order to draft QB Sam Bradford. It sounds suspicious at first, but Smith appears to have direct quotes from Holmgren.

The article states that Holmgren would give up most of the Browns' draft picks in 2010, as well as some in 2011, for the pick. Holmgren is making the pitch, but he doesn't believe the Rams will accept:

"It's not going to happen," Holmgren said. "I just got out of a meeting and I told everyone, let [the board] come to us. That said, I'm going to go make the call."

Personally, I think this has to be a smokescreen by Holmgren. He might want teams to believe he wants a quarterback in the first round, and that if he can't get Bradford, he'll settle for Jimmy Clausen at No. 7. In reality, if Eric Berry is off the board and a team wants to offer us something to move up for Clausen, they can make it happen.