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2010 NFL Draft Day One Recap and Day Two look ahead for the Cleveland Browns

Well at least it wasn't boring right?  What did we get, and what is left?  Remember fellas, this draft is only 1/7th of the way finished.  We hired a GM whose best asset is finding players late that will help.  So we didn't get Eric Berry.  Big deal.  We got 9 picks, 3 smart front office guys, and a new CB.  Let's roll.


First of all, quick recap of what happened yesterday:


  • Browns got a starter with their first pick.  Was it the guy we wanted?  Probably not, but we added a guy who most people think was the top player at his position.  Top player at his position and it is a position of need for the Browns.  Trust me, it could have been much worse.  Speaking of worse;
  • The Denver Broncos 13 months ago had Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler and Peyton Hillis in one of the most exciting young offenses in the NFL.  They now have Quinn/Tebow/Orton, Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Malauluana.  Has a coach allowed his ego to destroy a team quicker than McDaniels?  Couldn't have happened to a better team though.  Speaking of teams I hate;
  • The Steelers drafted a C/OG that struggles with power NT/DT in a division with Shaun Rogers and Hatoli Ngata.  Sounds like a winner pick to me.  By the way, anyone else notice that Maurkice Pouncey has a water buffalo for a girlfriend and open mouth kisses his brother on National TV?  Sweet pick Steelers.
  • The rumors about Jimmy Clausen falling were true.  Has anyone checked to see if TRSS is okay?  
  • Please tell me that I was not the only one who caught the incredibly awkward exchange between Todd McShay and Mel Kiper before the draft discussing Jimmy Clausen.  High comedy.  BTW Todd McShay blamed Clausen for the loss at Michigan and the loss against UCONN.  In those two games Clausen was a combined 55-87, 665 yards, 5 TD's and 0 INT's.  I am not an anti-McShay guy, but holy crap man, know what you are talking about before you just start spouting stuff.
  • I can't get the NFL network, but if I had it I sure as hell would not have been watching ESPN.  Horrible production.  We are talking about the draft desk lights not working to Berman and company not knowing when they were on-air.  Also, why does ESPN need 5 people on stage?  Steve Young gave me damn near nothing tonight.  This is supposed to be Mel Kipers wheelhouse, yet he has to fight to get a word in.  I love Gruden and TJ though.
  • Can someone explain to me why we need to see the pick before it happens?  I like the intrigue.  I want the suspense.  Instead of seeing Tebow throwing on a Broncos hat, I wanted to see and hear the crowd reaction when Goodell announced the pick.  Quit showing me the pick before it happens damn it!


So now that we know what happened yesterday, where do we go from here?

There are five teams picking before us in round two.  As of right now, assuming no one trades up, it goes like this:

33. St. Louis Rams - No need for a QB, phone is probably ringing off the hook right now.

34. Minnesota Vikings - Could be looking at QB, could be looking at Taylor Mays.

35. Tampa Bay Bucs - Don't need a QB, possibly could be looking WR or OL.

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Really need OL, but I could see them going Golden Tate with Weis in KC now.

37. Philadelphia Eagles - Still need safety help, maybe looking at Nate Allen or Mays if MN passes.

38. Cleveland Browns - Would be shocked if it wasn't a QB.  

Top Players still available:

Player-Position-Overall Rank according to Scout

Sergio Kindle DE 21st 

Charles Brown OT 27th

Daryl Washington OLB 30th

Roger Saffold OT 31st

Taylor Mays FS 33rd

Jimmy Clausen QB 35th

Lamarr Houston DT 36th

Everson Griffen DE 38th

Arrelious Benn WR 39th

Brian Price DT 40th

The top rated players according to the DBN Big Board were:

13th: Taylor Mays

15th: Jimmy Clausen

18th: Sergio Kindle

21st: Colt McCoy

24th: Golden Tate

30th: Brandon Spikes

So where do the Browns go from here?  I assume that someone is going to jump in front of us for a QB.  Does the front office feel strongly enough about a QB to move up?  Do we kick St. Louis a pick to move up in front of Minnesota to make sure we get Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy?    Who do you want to leave Friday night with?