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NFL Draft 2010: In a Surprise, Cleveland Browns Draft Safety T.J. Ward at No. 38

You know what's funny about the draft? The discussions leading up to it.

For the past month or so, Cleveland Browns fans were praying that S Eric Berry wall fall to them in the first round. We almost began believing he was already going to be a member of our team. The Chiefs put a dagger in that by taking Berry fifth overall.

The discussion regarding the second round involved taking a quarterback, primarily Colt McCoy. With Jimmy Clausen falling yesterday out of the first round, the overnight discussions amongst fans and the media was, "McCoy or Clausen?"

But then, with the 38th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns drafted Oregon safety T.J. Ward.

This is the type of pick that elicits a "what the ___?" reaction as soon as the name is announced. It might be a reach, but because the pick was not made in the first round, it's the type of deal I think we can live with. Before we criticize Ward, we need to learn more about the kid. I'm not at all surprised that we went for a position of need. Looking up-and-down our roster, we desperately needed a starting safety. Ward is no guarantee to start, but we have our first "candidate."

One thing is known about Ward: he's a hard hitter.

If anyone here has seen Ward play before and would like to comment on his abilities, please do so!