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NFL Draft 2010: Patience Pays Off? Cleveland Browns Draft Colt McCoy in 3rd Round

Time and time again, the actual NFL Draft show why the hundreds of mock drafts end up being horribly inaccurate. QB Colt McCoy was picked by many as a lock to go to the Cleveland Browns at the beginning of the second round. Instead, the Browns passed on him. Twice. They didn't pass on him the third time around.

With his Texas coach announcing the pick, with the 85th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Browns selected McCoy. Browns fans live at the event jumped for joy, and most fans here on Dawgs By Nature could barely contain themselves. For all the shock of passing up McCoy for S T.J. Ward and RB Montario Hardesty, suddenly it all seemed worth it. McCoy seems like a steal in the third round -- he fits out West Coast Offense and he's incredibly accurate.