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Cleveland Browns - Undrafted Free Agent Signings

After the draft officially ends, teams can start going crazy to sign anyone that didn't get drafted. If there is a certain player that the scouting department thought was a "gem" that no one else would draft, they'll grab them right away. So, who have the Browns signed thus far? Check it out after the jump...

Undrafted Free Agents Signed by Cleveland Browns

  • TE Troy Wagner, Indiana (Source)
  • OT Casey Bender, SDSU (Source)
  • OL Joel Reinders, Waterloo (Source)
  • DE Auston English, Oklahoma (Source)
  • LB Jon Dempsey, Louisville (Unverified)

As more signings come along, we'll report them here. This website here does a good job trying to form an NFL-wide list of the signings.