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Around the Pound (4/4): Happy Easter Edition

Happyeaster_medium Around the Pound makes its return today to Dawgs By Nature after a brief hiatus. I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holiday and the loads of chocolate brought by the Easter Bunny. In today's issue of Around the Pound, we look at Terry Pluto's Sunday column, Shaun Rogers' brief word with the media Friday, and more.


Pluto: Browns Finding Winners, Delhomme Already Committed

In Terry Pluto's weekly column, he highlighted the fact that the new front office have brought in players who have been accustomed to winning in an attempt to "change the losing culture" in Cleveland. Among those players include QB Jake Delhomme, who led the Panthers to several playoff-contending seasons. Pluto notes that Delhomme has already shown some leadership since joining the Browns:

11. Delhomme has been in town for the voluntary workouts and has impressed with his attitude and leadership skills. He has come as advertised. The big question will be if he can still produce on the field. He certainly is putting in the work to revive his career.

Shaun Rogers Responds to Media

Defensive lineman Shaun Rogers spoke out on his gun incident on Friday to the local media. His explanation for having the gun in his bag in the first place...

Rogers said he hurriedly packed for his flight to Texas for Easter and didn't realize the gun was still in his bag. He said he had been using the bag on frequent driving trips to Detroit as he rents his home there to former teammate Corey Williams.

''I was late to the airport, not giving it much thought and not doing my due diligence that the gun was properly put away or stowed,'' Rogers said. ''I threw some toiletries, my computer in, and I was off to the airport, not knowing it was in there. I would never intentionally take a firearm or weapon of any kind to the airport.''

Rogers will eventually make a plea to commissioner Roger Goodell in hopes to convince him that he shouldn't be suspended from the NFL.

Eric Berry's Visit Coming This Week

This is sort of old news since it was announced over a week ago, but I thought I'd remind everyone that Eric Berry will be visiting the Cleveland Browns this week. He's scheduled to visit on Thursday, April 8.

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Off-Beat Notes

  • I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers game earlier, and even though the Cavaliers have no obligation to compete for the rest of the regular season, they were animated and competitive throughout the whole game. LeBron probably should've gone for the tie near the end of the game rather than the three, but there are many times he'll make that shot under pressure.
  • I'm also excited for the start of the Cleveland Indians season tomorrow. I'm sure most of you have visited Let's Go Tribe before, but if you haven't, be sure to pop in for their game threads tomorrow and throughout the season.
  • Last week's episode of LOST was nice and fast-paced, and with Desmond and his "special" ability back on the island, I can't wait to see how he will be the game-changer in this Tuesday's episode. I just hope they don't kill him off, at least not this soon. I hope we see a twist to the flashsideways storyline soon too. While I'm still compelled by the "alternate storylines," I still hope they somehow tie into the real timeline as opposed to being an epilogue to LOST.
  • I brought up the iPad a few months ago in Around the Pound, and most of us made a mockery of it. I'm just curious if anyone here went out and purchased one -- if you did, feel free to explain how you like it.
  • Cue the ongoing controversy about the development of Ghostbusters 3, which based on the coverage I've given to the film on this blog, you'd assume I'm obsessed with it. According to a report, there is another holdup, and it (or rather, "he") is the same as the old holdup: Bill Murray. Dan Aykroyd told him to 'stop acting like a jerk.'
  • I saw this about a week ago, also on the film front: Mike Myers and company are moving forward with plans to develop Austin Powers 4. Given its box office success, I was always surprised that another film wasn't made after Goldmember back in 2002. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but it's another case of the sequels making their return. Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4 are also in the movie queue. Is it only a matter of time before we see The Matrix 4, a series which certainly could/should have ended much better than it did?