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SB Nation Mock Draft: Dawgs By Nature Selects QB Colt McCoy at No. 38

The annual SB Nation Writers Mock Draft is going on over at Mocking the Draft and is into Round 2 now. After drafting S Eric Berry in the first round, who did I take the next time the Cleveland Browns were on the clock?

Just as I went to make my pick, I had to wait for the Philadelphia Eagles to jump in and change the original plans of the Washington Redskins if they hadn't acquired McNabb. Without further adieu...

With the No. 38 overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns have selected Colt McCoy, QB, Texas.

No. 5


Pick by Dawgs By Nature

Colt McCoy


Why the selection?

McCoy is an acceptable option considering the moves the team has made on defense through free agency. McCoy's accuracy would be long-awaited in Cleveland after the near-50 percent completion rates for Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. His arm strength has been criticized, but he had an impressive showing at his Pro Day.

[Read my full analysis at Mocking the Draft]

This pick was obviously not as clear-cut as the first-round pick was in the sense that Browns fans either aren't sold on McCoy, or they wouldn't want to draft him until the third round. I've already seen some of the displeasure with the pick voiced from DBN members on Mocking the Draft, which brings up the question: who would you have chosen at No. 38 overall?

I admit that my selection was greatly altered by the acquisition of CB Sheldon Brown, because I had strongly considered taking a cornerback. If McCoy would've been gone (which originally happened behind the scenes, but changed due to the Donovan McNabb trade), I would've addressed the defensive line (my original pick was DE Corey Wootton). At the time of my pick, the Top 5 overall prospects remaining on the board, according to Mocking the Draft, were...

1 - Bruce Campbell/OT/Maryland, 2 - Jonathan Dwyer/RB/Georgia Tech, 3 - Damian Williams/WR/USC, 4 - Rob Gronkowski/TE/Arizona, 5 - Brandon Spikes/LB/Florida

You may discuss the pick here, or at Mocking the Draft. Either way, be sure to visit Mocking the Draft to read my full reasoning in choosing McCoy; you can vote to grade the pick their as well. As of this post, my pick of McCoy was rated a 3.66, which is lower than the 4.74 satisfaction rate for selecting Berry.