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Front Office Notes: Seneca Wallace's Role, No Veteran WR, Confidence in Delhomme, and More

On Thursday, general manager Tom Heckert and team president Mike Holmgren invited season ticket and club suites owners to speak directly to them via teleconference from Berea. The Plain Dealer's Bill Lubinger provided some information about select topic from the conference; a summary of those notes is below. Lubinger's full article can be found here.

  • When asked what type of role QB Seneca Wallace would be in this season, Holmgren assured that Wallace was not brought here just to hold a clipboard as the backup quarterback. Brian Daboll can get creative and Wallace is excited about the opportunity.
  • The question regarding QB Jake Delhomme was the following: "[Why sign] arguably was the worst quarterback in the league for the last year-and-a-half?"

    Holmgren stated that he really couldn't disagree with the fan's assessment of Delhomme being one of the worst quarterbacks during that span. He defended his decision by praising Delhomme's leadership ability and how his one-on-one discussion with Delhomme convinced him the veteran could help the team.
  • Regarding the draft, Holmgren said that the Browns will lean more towards taking the best available player in the first round -- having the pick fill a position of need would merely be a bonus. That's where our DBN draft board (minus Joe Haden perhaps) should come in handy.
  • This season, the offensive gameplan will try to be more run-pass balanced.
  • The team has no intentions of signing a veteran wide receiver. Even though David Patten isn't available, I'd still be surprised if we don't at least bring in a David Patten type of player for camp.
  • I'll direct quote this one:
    From Heckert's perspective, after quarterback, the most important positions in football are left offensive tackle, an "edge" pass-rusher, either at defensive end or linebacker, and then cornerback.
    Well, we're without a quarterback right now, but at least we don't have to worry about left tackle.
  • Here is another "food for thought" note: in Tony Grossi's latest mock draft published today, he has the Browns selecting DE Jared Odrick at No. 7 overall. While the results aren't officially posted yet, on our DBN Draft Board, Odrick is projected to be No. 20.