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Browns Sign Six Tryout Players, Roth Requests Trade

The Cleveland Browns signed six of their tryout players to contracts today. The six players are listed below:

  • TE Ryan Moya (UCLA) - 6-1, 230 pounds
  • DL Kwaku Danso (East Carolina) - 6-5, 336 pounds
  • DL Brian Sanford (Temple) - 6-2, 280 pounds
  • DL Martin Tavaseu (Nevada-Las Vegas) - 6-1, 310 pounds
  • DB Matthew Harris (Arkansas) - 6-2, 193 pounds
  • K Leigh Tiffin (Alabama) - 6-0, 209 pounds

Tiffin seems interesting, since he connected on 30 of his 35 field goals last season.

As some of you started discussing earlier, LB Matt Roth has asked for a trade if he doesn't receive a new contract. Is this an effect of so many players taking the front office's handling of the Joshua Cribbs situation as a gesture that they will be handing out new deals left and right?

This seems like a rehash of what's been said on D'Qwell Jackson and Abram Elam already, but some of these guys need to start facing reality. They are playing on a team that has not had a winning culture for awhile, and none of them were even close to being above average players last year. Jackson missed most of the season and you could argue that the linebacker unit got better without him. Elam was healthy throughout the season, but the Browns' secondary was still vulnerable. Roth is probably the highest on my list of our defensive RFA's because he was a monster when the Browns signed him late in the season, but that's all he had -- a few games in a down season.

All of this talk is probably pointless anyway. It would almost be a shock if all of our RFA's did not sign before June 15. Sure, they will have missed out on OTA's, but they aren't going to forfeit the money that is already on the table considering few teams are probably ringing our bell about them anyway.