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Around the Pound (6/1): Grossi Downplays the Wildcat, Kokinis Back in Baltimore

It's the first day of June meaning we're just a month away from the half-way point of the year. With minicamp set to begin in a few weeks, the Cleveland Browns news is about to pick up.

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at Tony Grossi playing a Devil's Advocate of sorts when it comes to the usage of the Wildcat formation, a nugget on FB Peyton Hillis, and news on where one of our former general managers has ended up.


Grossi: Wildcat Plays May be Overblown

The Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi questions whether the hype that the Cleveland Browns will run a lot of Wildcat plays this year might be a bit overblown.

Doesn't it appear the Browns are going out of their way to publicize the use of Josh Cribbs and Seneca Wallace in zany Wildcat plays?

It sounds more sensible that if they truly intended to incorporate the pair of all-purpose players into the mainstream of their offense, they would keep the plays under wraps and downplay them when asked.

Instead, coach Eric Mangini has talked them up enthusiastically and displayed the Wildcat in front of the media in organized team activities practices. He's never that open about strategies.

So what's going on?

Grossi then goes on to suggest that while the Browns might continue to run a lot of plays in training camp and the preseason, he'd expect the plays to be limited come the regular season, and saved for only rare occassions.

For the most part, I think I have to disagree with Grossi's points. If the Browns are going to spend so much time practicing the Wildcat formation, then why would we not utilize it often during a game? It would be a waste of not only practice time, but of talent as well. Couple that with the thought of frustrating fans beyond belief, and things just wouldn't add up. I think the front office is trying to take the opposite approach to what Eric Mangini did last year when he tried to keep our starting quarterback in Week 1 a secret in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Hillis Wants to Show the Browns Acquired the 'Steal' in Quinn Trade

The Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot had a lengthy interview with FB/RB Peyton Hillis last week during OTA's. Here's an excerpt:

"I want to show the coaches they got a big steal," Hillis said during organized team activities last week. "That's just the way I think and work. I feel like I can do just about anything really well, whether it's running or blocking or catching the ball out of the backfield."

Kokinis Returns to Baltimore

Former Browns general manager George Kokinis is back with the Baltimore Ravens, this time serving as a senior personal assistant.

"It's good to have George back," general manager Ozzie Newsome said in a statement released by the team. "He will help evaluate college and pro players, plus work with Pat [Moriarty], the Ravens' vice president of football [administration].

Another GM to sweep under the rug, eh?

Browns Rubin Gets High Marks for Big Hits

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

''That would be great if that happens,'' Rubin said of possibly starting alongside Rogers. ''I just can't really worry about that too much. I just come out and practice and try to show Mangini that if he does give me the chance, I can make the best of it.''

Off-Beat Notes

  • Instead of some television news, why don't we take a quick look at some technology news?
  • Apparantly, 4.8 million hours were wasted last week when Google celebrated Pacman. I was late to the party to play the game, but I just wasted (in a fun way) about five minutes playing Google's Pacman version of the game. What's amazing is how Google was able to create the game from HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as opposed to a more advanced scripting mechanism.
  • Speaking of Google, they are dropping Windows due to a security issue they suffered with their systems earlier in the year.