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Dynamic Duos on the Browns, With a Touch of Blue Light

Blue_lt_usa_logo_feb26_medium_mediumEver heard of the Blue Light Refreshment Duo? If you haven’t, then here is your FYI to get you enticed right from the get-go (note, as I’m sure you can tell, this is a sponsored post, but there it eventually relates to the Browns as well):

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Head over to the Refreshment Duo Website and enter to win a trip for you and a friend to party at the Blue Light Refreshment Duo HQ. Over 100 lucky guests will be selected to join in on the fun.

Now, I can never go through a sponsored post without putting some form of an NFL-spin on it. This time, it’s quite easy to come up with a relevant topic – what two players on our team would you "pimp" as the Cleveland Browns’ Refreshing Duo? If Brady Quinn were still on the team, he’d probably be selected by outsiders as a poster-boy for such a feature again. This isn’t  about looks though, because the majority of our audience (including me) would rather pick a duo that is synonymous with "dynamic football player(s)."

The running back position is an obvious choice when you think of "duo"  because many teams deploy a two-back system. Only considering present-day players, Jerome Harrison and Montario Hardesty might jump out as a perfect fit for that label. However, I’d have to go with a slightly different one-two punch: Jerome Harrison and Lawrence Vickers. Harrison did a tremendous job in his final three games last year, but in our case, there were times where Harrison’s success relied on the rough-and-tough pounding that Vickers delivered to opposing defenders.

Who would you pick as your Cleveland Browns’ Refreshing Duo? I’m sure some of you could get creative and expand beyond the running back position with the love many of you have for Joe Thomas and Joshua Cribbs. Sound off!