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Who Did the Browns Waive After Signing RFA's?

After signing all five of their restricted free agents yesterday, the Cleveland Browns had to waive some players to make room on the 80-man roster. There weren't any surprise cuts, as some of these players will probably leave you thinking, "Who?":

  • FB Jed Collins
  • TE Ryan Moya
  • DT Jonathan Lewis
  • DT Martin Tevaseu
  • S Matthew Harris

In exchange, the Browns will have RB Jerome Harrison, FB Lawrence Vickers, LB D'Qwell Jackson, LB Matt Roth, and S Abram Elam all under one-year contracts this season. Adding up their tenders, the group will make a total of $8.837 million.

The players' agents say that their clients aren't happy, but you can't fault the Browns here. None of the players had any leverage, and when you look at all of the positions, the only one who might have a "secure" job is Vickers. And, let's face it -- fullback isn't exactly the type of position where lucrative deals get handed out. By going this route, the Browns can re-evaluate each player/position this year and make a decision either during or after the season is over.