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Mike Furrey Headed to Washington; Minicamp Holdouts

There are two bits of quick information to address here:

  • Former Browns WR Mike Furrey has signed with the Washington Redskins. Cleveland chose not to re-sign him in the offseason, although with the team still considering a veteran receiver, I suppose there was an off-chance that he could've been brought back. It's unclear as to whether or not the Redskins will use Furrey at safety like Eric Mangini did.

    I didn't have any interest in seeing Furrey back in a Cleveland uniform this season. Although he did good work for the community, he failed to make an impact at receiver and the use of him at safety was really just a sign of how weak we were in the secondary.
  • Regarding the possible holdouts for minicamp, the Plain Dealer reports that RB Jerome Harrison and FB Lawrence Vickers are set to participate. D'Qwell Jackson previously stated that he would not attend minicamp, and a source tells the Plain Dealer that Phil Dawson will also probably be holding out. Abram Elam and Matt Roth have not announced their plans, but one can expect them to be absent as well.

Minicamp begins Thursday and will run through Saturday. Then, there will be a long break until training camp is ready to kick off for the summer!