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Around the Pound (7/21): New Tight End, and Delhomme Receives Approval

With training camp a little over a week away and the Indians currently on a six-game winning streak, things are starting to look a little brighter for Cleveland fans. In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at some loose ends we didn't cover the past couple of days, including Jake Delhomme's starting role, a new tight end, some off-beat notes, and more.


Tight End Gamble Signed to Replace Estandia

After mysteriously placing tight end Greg Estandia on the injured reserve last week, the team signed tight end Joel Gamble to take his roster spot on Sunday.

Gamble played college football at Shippensburg but went undrafted in 2005. Gamble played in the Arena Football League for a couple of years before signing on to the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad late last season. Gamble, listed at 6-2, 256 pounds, is also listed as a fullback, but that doesn't guarantee he'll see action there in camp. In terms of a training camp preview, I'll just say this: I'd put his roster odds at less than one percent, and his practice squad odds at less than five percent.

Officially "Delhomme's Job to Lose" Entering Camp

While head coach Eric Mangini had been a bit hesitant officially labeling Delhomme as the starter heading into training camp in the past (despite the writing being on the wall), he changed his tune a few days ago in an interview with Pro Football Talk:

"It's really Jake's job to lose, and he did a great job during OTAs," Mangini said. "I couldn't have been happier with him, not just in terms of the way he learned the information but the way he ran the offense."

Mangini stressed that backup quarterback Seneca Wallace will still receive reps with the first team offense, which would make sense if the team plans on inserting him into games for special plays.

DBN Fantasy Football Post Coming Soon

I will have a post up soon, either later today or tomorrow, discussing this year's Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League. In that post, I'll also have some information on a special discount that DBN members can receive if they are interested in purchasing a CBS Sports fantasy football league. Please refrain from talking too in-depth about fantasy football in this post; I'd like those comments to be saved for the post coming soon. Just wanted to give a heads up!

Off-Beat Notes

  • Inception. I haven't seen it yet, but the previews were very captivating and I've heard nothing but glowing reviews so far for the most part. I look forward to seeing it.
  • You thought LOST was over? Well, yes, it still is, but don't forget about that 12-minute epilogue that will be contained on the Season 6 DVD set, featuring Ben and Hurley. Early reviewers are already stating that it ties up some unanswered questions. For some more information on it, check out TV Overmind here. I'll probably end up finding the clip online instead of purchasing the DVD set right away, but I'm still giddy about it.
  • Speaking of LOST, I can't recall if I've already mentioned this fan fiction site or not: Knowing LOST continues to do a fine job captivating my post-LOST interest. The fan fiction follows two fans who just finished watching the series, and abruptly find themselves on the island after the 815 plane crash with all the original survivors and settings.
  • Good for Glee receiving all of those Emmy nominations.
  • The Mel Gibson phone calls are hilarious. If you have a taste for that kind of humor, I'm sure you've been listening to each one. I usually catch them on Stern in the morning, but Radar Online should have the audio to all of them still.
  • I've been searching for Ghostbusters 3 updates the past few weeks without any luck. But then, today was a different story! Bill Murray comments on Ghostbusters 3, and although there still isn't a concrete Yes/No answer given by him, he at least talks more in length regarding some of his reluctance.
  • I'd better not start writing about the Indians' playoff odds until we're a little bit closer.
  • Big Brother 12's big twist was kind of a big flop, wasn't it? It would've been nice if the first houseguest evicted hadn't been the Saboteur.