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Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League 2010

It's time for the third annual Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League! There will be 12 teams again this year, but this year we are making the switch to using the platform.

Official Dawgs By Nature League

I want everyone who is interested in participating in the official league to respond in this thread. I will represent one of the 12 teams again, which means their are 11 spots available. I will give favoritism to some of the community members with more tenure or who have been active in the official league in the past. With that said, I will make sure that a few spots are reserved for members who have never been in the league by random draw.

NOTE: The official DBN league is 100% free to participate in.

Special Opportunity for a League


As a reader and member of Dawgs By Nature, we are able to offer you a special discount for a Fantasy Football Commissioner League of your own. The regular price for such a league is a whopping $179.99, but if you register through this link, you can have your very own league for 50% off at $89.99.


I'm not telling you that you have to. The reality is that there are many solid fantasy football services out there that will suit your needs. However, if you have ever experienced League before, then you know they offer some of the most customizable and in-depth features available. Ideally, you wouldn't foot the bill for an $89.99 league all by yourself. Instead, think of it maybe as a tool you can use with your co-workers at the office, your family and friends at home, or heck, if you're really willing to gamble, some of the other members here at Dawgs By Nature.

If it's a 12-person league, the price is about $7.49 per person. I paid more than that to be part of a private SB Nation league a few years back with the Commissioner features, and for me it was always the little things that made me appreciate the service. With this offer, you also get a 14-day free trial to see if it is right for you. Here are just some of the special features that offers:

  • Customization of entire league…rules, scores, teams, and more
  • Multiple draft options including auction drafts
  • Ability to manage your league and team on your mobile phone
  • Expert and user generated analysis
  • Live chat/league instant messenger
  • Fast and incredibly accurate live scoring
  • Archived historic league data for future seasons

If you are interested in purchasing a league and have any questions about what else offers compared to the Yahoo's or ESPN's of the world, please let me know and I will do my best to find the answer. Also, if you're not interested but you know a die-hard friend who used in the past or is looking for a heavily-customizable league, feel free to point them to this offer.

Weekly Fantasy Football Posts

As part of our Fantasy Football talk this year, we're going to be doing one post a week (until the regular season starts) related to the topic of fantasy football. Those posts will range anywhere from the value Browns players have as fantasy players, smack talk from our official league, or even an open discussion of topics such as, "who should I draft, 'Byron Leftwich or Joe Flacco?' The correct answer would be neither, but that's beside the point. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.