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Madden 11 Ratings for the Cleveland Browns Released

Over at ESPN, the official Madden 11 ratings for Cleveland Browns players have been released. Did any of our players receive a rating above 90?

Yes, of course they did. The Browns had three players who scored a 90 or above. Those players would be LT Joe Thomas (95), LG Eric Steinbach (91), and DL Shaun Rogers (93). Rogers is rated a 93 at the nose tackle position; if you feel like moving Ahtyba Rubin to that position, I'm not quite sure how it'd be affected.

The speed demons on the Browns' offense are Joshua Cribbs and Jerome Harrison, both of whom received a score of 92 in that category with good acceleration and agility too. In terms of the roster itself, a few things are noticable:

  • C Eric Ghiaciuc should be removed.
  • WR Carlton Mitchell should probably be there instead or WR Jake Allen.

Other than that, the roster itself looks reasonable (maybe you could also remove Brett Ratliff and Chris Jennings). I'm sure we have a lot of Madden nuts out there though who are more fit to comment on the player ratings than I am, so feel free to sound off!