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Around the Pound (7/8): LeBron James' Decision Coming Tonight

Not everyone who is a Cleveland Browns fan cares about where LeBron James goes, but I'd reckon that the majority of them do. I usually don't like dedicating entire posts to basketball since this is a football blog, but today is such a huge day in the future of Cleveland sports.


LBJ Will Make 'The Decision' Tonight

While the Browns' fanbase has remained fairly strong and seems to have a revival each year, the team hasn't been consistently good. The Indians had a great season a couple years ago, but everything a few years before and after that has been gloomy. The Cavaliers have been the shining light during that timespan, thanks to James. It'll be absolutely crushing to lose him, but that seems like a real possibility after this article from Chris Broussard early this morning:

All indications are that LeBron James is leaning toward signing with the Miami Heat on Thursday night, according to several sources with knowledge of the situation.

Barring a late change of heart, sources say James has decided to join fellow All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form a potential NBA powerhouse.

LeBron's decision has to already be made, and while Broussard seems sure of his sources, I'm still nervously awaiting 9 p.m. tonight for LeBron's hour-long special on ESPN, The Decision. I almost hope that LeBron's camp has been leaking false rumors just to make tonight's decision all-the-more dramatic when he proclaims that he is staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fingers crossed!

For more coverage throughout the day on LeBron, make sure you head over to, our Cavaliers affiliate.


Cleveland Browns' Team Needs

Over at Mocking the Draft, they wrote about the team needs for the Browns. Several positions are listed, but with the tight ends preview coming up tomorrow, I'll cite that one here:

- Tight end: If Colt McCoy ends up being the team's quarterback following the 2010 season, a good tight end will greatly help his development. Current tight ends Ben Watson, Evan Moore and Robert Royal profile more as backups. Moore has the most potential of the three, but he really only had one good game last season.

I'd give Watson a little bit more credit. With him on the roster and us now having a legitimate veteran tight end, a potential up-and-coming receiving tight end, and a good blocker, I'm not so sure tight end should be listed as a position of need instead of something like safety, where we are still unproven.

Off-Beat Notes

There are no off-beat notes today, as LeBron James has told us that we can't promote other topics on a day that revolves around him.