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NFL Preseason Power Rankings (A Look Back Before The First P.S. Game)

So, I'm back to take back my once short lived job of posting power rankings that I held last year. Chris gave me a second shot, so I'm jumping right back on to list Offseason Power Rankings before our first game.

This is basically a "at least for this game, you were wrong," kind of thing. Because they all kind of were and it's fun to look back and taunt. Too bad that they didn't see what we knew, as these are all well... dreary. Sorry Chris, we'll have to wait till the season starts to get us up the charts, I think.

ESPN: 28/32

The first year of the Mike Holmgren era could be rough. This team lacks talent across the board.

We all know about ESPN so, I'll leave it at that...

S.I.: 29/32

Still can't believe the Browns could end up paying Jake Delhomme $7 million to play quarterback this year. For a team I rank so low, there's a lot about Cleveland I like, though the passing game is not one of those things.

It's starting to seem like Delhomme could be worth that $7mil and it's a uncapped year so, who cares? I like our TEs in the passing game, that alone makes our passing game KIND OF a threat.

U.S.A. Today: 29/32

In the long term, having Mike Holmgren running the team is positive. In the short term, having Jake Delhomme at QB is not.

Yes, and possibly no/ yes. Jury is still out on this one.

Bleacher Report: 26/32

I might be one of the few who believe that Eric Mangini and Mike Holmgren can form a successful long-term partnership. But in the short-term, Jake Delhomme is their staring quarterback.

There is enough good stuff here, that I won't disagree.

Pickings were slim for Preseason Rankings. I hope low 20's won't be a reoccurring trend through the season. I'll put ESPN up, but don't really ever listen to it; much like Mike Lombardi. Hope this small segment will create some good discussion throughout the season. I'll try to do the best I can. LET'S GO BROWNS!