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Around the Pound (9/17): Jim Brown Turns Down Offer Again, D'Qwell Jackson's Status

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In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at Jim Brown turning down Holmgren's invitation again to the Ring of Honor ceremony, a player from the Buccaneers in hot water after last week's game, what Eric Mangini has been saying in the press conferences, and some personal touting from the official Dawgs By Nature fantasy football league.


Jim Brown: "Legacy Won't be Defined by Holmgren"

Is it wrong that I'm starting to get the same feeling from Jim Brown's quotes that I do whenever I see Braylon Edwards mention Cleveland in an interview? With the Ring of Honor ceremony approaching this Sunday, Brown has once again officially turned down the team's offer to be at the ceremony, according to FOXnews:

"No, I won't be going. My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren."

Good riddance. Honestly, Brown has probably done the team a favor in terms of making fans more aware that a Ring of Honor ceremony will be taking place in the team's home opener.

Aqib Talib Facing More Trouble?

Remember how Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib was suspended for last week's game against Cleveland? Well, apparantly the terms of a suspension indiciate that you can't attend the game, even as a spectator. According to reports, Talib was at the stadium watching the game from a private box.

When he was asked by the St. Petersburg times where he watched the game, he told them he watched it from near his home in Dallas. The NFL is now investigating the situation.

D'Qwell Jackson to Practice Today, Doubtful for Chiefs Game

While linebacker D'Qwell Jackson is expected to practice today for the first time in about a month, he doesn't think he'll see action this week against the Chiefs:

"I doubt it at this point," Jackson said of playing against the Chiefs. "In order for me to play I have to have a week of practice just to get the feel of everything."

Mangini Talks About Preparing for the Chiefs

During his Thursday morning press conference, head coach Eric Mangini talked about preparing for the Chiefs:

"What we're working on today is the Chiefs. We'll do some review from yesterday, cover some of the two minute situations and really standard in terms of our prep for an opponent so nothing out of the ordinary there either. I know their numbers weren't very good offensively on third down, but Charlie (Weis) is creative and I think they do a good job of identifying what the defense is in and I know Matt (Cassel). I've known Matt for a long time and he's a really smart guy so I think that they'll present some challenges. In addition to that, like we talked about yesterday, they have quite a variety of guys that can make plays in those situations.

Offensively, I thought that the plan that they had against San Diego last week, especially on third down, was a good one. It was aggressive in terms of the way that they covered them, a lot of bump man last week which you got to hold up and they held up well against a really good passing offense. They did a nice job in terms of getting some pressure on the quarterback some with design pressures and some with just a four man front. That's what we are focusing on here this afternoon."

Off-Beat Notes

  • There are alot of Fall TV premieres starting up. I already kicked things off by watching The Apprentice last night, and it was nice to see it back to the non-celebrity edition. Next week, I'll be gearing up for House, Glee, Fringe, and The Office. My regularly watched TV shows are pretty much cut in half this year with the departures of "24," LOST, Heroes, and Flashforward. None of the previews for new shows on broadcast television have compelled me very much, but I make take a look at The Event.
  • Should be a nice, cool day for the Browns game this Sunday. I just hope there isn't any rain, considering or struggles in wet conditions.
  • The Jets' offensive coordinator made a comment that any offensive player who puts the ball on the ground (excluding The Sanchise) will be pulled immediately. I'm dying to see Braylon Edwards fumble the football after an early touch.
  • I was very disappointed in my picks record last week, which was an underachieving 9-7 overall. There were a lot of close games that didn't go my away (Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Browns). I did pick the Seahawks and the Redskins to win though, so that counts for something, eh?
  • I had a great week in the DBN Fantasy Football League. My team scored 131 points, which was tops in the league. I finished the regular season in first place the past two years in the DBN league, and I'm not even letting anyone else sniff the top spot for a week. Next time, Ryan Kelsey needs to bring a lot more to the table if he expects to compete.