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Report: Browns Interested In Kolb

That didn't take long.

Hours after the Eagles named Mike Vick the starting Quarterback, according to Anthony Gargano of WIP in Philadelphia, the Cleveland Browns placed a call to the Eagles to test the waters of a Kevin Kolb trade.

Reportedly the Browns were told that Kevin Kolb is not available at this time. That isn't surprising, after all what if Vick plays poorly in the next two games? Is it crazy to think that Andy Reid will make the move back to Kevin Kolb?

The interesting thing is if Vick plays well. Vick has been playing out of his mind. If Vick continues his excellent play then maybe the Eagles decide that having a back-up making over 12 million dollars is a trade chip worth cashing in. Another factor that could push a deal along is that with no salary cap, there would be no penalty in trading a massive contract.

I'm not going to pretend that I know what the asking price for Kolb would be, but I assume that it would be around the same for McNabb. Count me in.

Trade deadline is October 19th.

H/T to StuckinPA for the tip.