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Eric Wright Victimized for Three Touchdowns in Loss to Ravens

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The Cleveland Browns lost 24-17 to the Baltimore Ravens, dropping their record to 0-3 on the season. Just like a case could be made that Cleveland could have won their first two games, the Browns were by no means manhandled by the Ravens in Week 3. They once again held a lead in the fourth quarter, but this time it was the defense that let them down.

Strike that. It wasn't the entire defense, but rather one player in particular: cornerback Eric Wright.

As good as Wright has been, he looked beyond bad against Anquan Boldin. Boldin had 8 catches for 142 yards and 3 touchdowns, all against Wright. While Flacco deserves credit for recognizing the match-up consistently, anyone could have thrown those touchdown passes to the wide open Boldin. Wright was always behind, out of position, turned around, etc.

Where as the Ravens were easily able to get their yardage courtesy of Wright, the Browns had to work for theirs, and they worked hard. Quite simply, Peyton Hillis was incredible. He did what few running backs can do against the Ravens, rushing the ball 22 times for 144 yards and 1 touchdown. He also caught 7 passes for 36 yards. Running backs just don't do that against Baltimore.

QB Seneca Wallace didn't play a Pro Bowl type of game, but he did very well given the circumstances. The only complaint I have, and this goes along with the playcalling a little bit, was the deep ball attempt to Joshua Cribbs down the sideline on 3rd-and-2 on the Browns' final drive of the game. With the success Hillis has been having, why not pound it given the pressure defense being shown?

This loss feels like the most painful of the three, because the offense finally found their groove but Wright's lack of coverage all game long is something you never expect to see at this level.