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2011 NFL Draft

Results of DBN Mock Draft Picks

Poll: Jabaal Sheard vs. Da'Quan Bowers in the 2nd Round

Who was/would have been the better pick for the Cleveland Browns at No. 37 overall?

King: Browns Accidentally Called Cameron Jordan

In a rather humorous story relayed by Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, the Cleveland Browns reportedly called DE Cameron Jordan on Saturday instead of TE Jordan Cameron. The excerpt from King's column is after the jump, along with how King felt about the Browns' first-round trade.

SB Nation Grades the Cleveland Browns' Draft

The grades have been rolling in for the NFL Draft. This morning, SB Nation's NFL section graded the picks for the AFC and the NFC. The lowest grade given in the AFC was a B-, which leads me to believe the scale was set a bit too high. On top of that, it was a bit puzzling to see the Browns receive a mediocre "B" on a generous scale.

The Sunday Five: Extended Draft Edition

"The Sunday Five" is a loosely-titled piece where I talk about five NFL- or Browns-related topics related to this past week. Earlier today, I had my traditional edition of The Sunday Five. This special edition covers five random thoughts I had about how things went down for the Cleveland Browns during the three days of the draft.

2011 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Trade Up to Grab OT Jason Pinkston in 5th Round

You thought the Cleveland Browns were finished in the fifth round after drafting CB Buster Skrine? They weren't. The Browns traded both of their sixth-round draft picks (No. 168 and No. 170 overall) to the Minnesota Vikings. With that pick, the Browns drafted OT Jason Pinkston out of Pittsburgh.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 3 - Open Thread (Part II)

2011 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Select CB Buster Skrine in 5th Round

With the 137th pick in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected CB Buster Skrine out of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Skrine was one the players the Browns had met with personally and scouted at his Pro Day, so the selection should not come as much of a surprise.

2011 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Select FB Owen Marecic in 4th Round

With the No. 124 overall pick in the 4th round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns went with fullback Owen Marecic out of Stanford. I wouldn't say that fullback was ruled out as a position the Browns would consider, but this one seems like the biggest surprise so far.

2011 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Select TE Jordan Cameron in 4th Round

With the No. 102 overall pick in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected tight end Jordan Cameron out of USC, who definitely sounds like an intriguing prospect. He is a former basketball player who played in college at BYU his freshman season.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 3 - Open Thread

The Browns have two picks in round 4 -- No. 102 overall and No. 124 overall. They have one pick in round 5 (No. 137 overall), two picks in round 6 (No. 168 and No. 170 overall), and one pick in round 7 (No. 248 overall). Use this open thread to talk about anything related to the draft today.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread (Part III)

Cleveland has no more scheduled picks, but with two fourth rounders, they still have some ammunition to trade back up into the third round. Use this open thread to continue discussing Day 2 of the 2011 NFL Draft!

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread

The Browns have the No. 37 overall pick and No. 59 overall pick at the moment, both of which are in the second round. Fans should still pay attention to round three -- with two fourth-round picks, the Browns could still be looking to move back up, and picks next year can also be used.

Cleveland Browns Had an Excellent First Round

I think the use of the word, "excellent" is appropriate when describing Cleveland's first round. Sure, I would've still liked to have come away with Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green, or Marcell Dareus, but all three players were picked in a row before the Browns were on the clock.

2011 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Draft DT Phil Taylor at No. 21

After originally trading out of the No. 6 pick down to No. 27 overall, the Cleveland Browns ended up trading back up to the No. 21 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. With that selection, Tom Heckert and company decided to draft DT Phil Taylor from Baylor.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 1 - Open Thread (Part III)

Cleveland Browns Trade Down From No. 6 With Atlanta Falcons

Wow, this could be highway robbery if the Cleveland Browns are able to take advantage of the trade they just made with the Atlanta Falcons. The Browns held the No. 6 overall pick, but when they were on the clock, DT Marcell Dareus, CB Patrick Peterson, and WR A.J. Green were off the board.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 1 - Open Thread (Part II)

This is a continuation of our first open draft thread from earlier today. Please use this thread instead of the previous one. I also ask that you not post pictures in this one. If you do, they will be removed in order to improve loading and scrolling times for everyone trying to access the thread.

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Draft Day 1 - Open Thread

NFL Draft Dates / Times, Dawgs By Nature Coverage

After all of the discussions surrounding who the Cleveland Browns are going to take in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, we will see how things unfold tonight. If you were not sure when the draft was officially starting, here is a primer with what to expect:

Rick Gosselin's Final Mock Draft: Nothing New For Browns, But Full of Surprises

We always look forward to Rick Gosselin's final mock draft due to the accuracy he has had in the past. While his first six picks seem pretty standard with what others have been projecting, there are plenty of surprises later in his mock, including the fact that he has five quarterbacks being taken within the first twelve picks!

Mel Kiper's Final Mock: Still Has Cleveland Going With Julio Jones

For the record, Kiper has the following players being picked before Cleveland: (1) Cam Newton to Carolina; (2) Von Miller to Denver; (3) Marcel Dareus to Buffalo; (4) A.J. Green to Cincinnati; (5) Patrick Peterson to Arizona.

2011 NFL Mock Draft Predictions: DBN Community

Putting together a complete first-round mock draft can be difficult. I'm not referring to when you take a look at your five favorite mock drafts and use the consensus at a certain spot to make all of your picks; I'm talking about putting together a mock draft that truly goes along with what you think could happen.

Latest SB Nation Mock Draft (Includes Trades) for Browns

Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina. Moving to the 4-3 under Dick Jauron, it's imperative that the Browns get better personnel there. Quinn is a potentially elite pass rusher.

Poll: If Peterson is Gone, Would You Take Nick Fairley?

If CB Patrick Peterson is off the board, would you feel disappointed if Tom Heckert decided to draft DT Nick Fairley?

Tracking the Cleveland Browns' Draft Interests [Final Edition]

After the jump, you will find a table that lists the players that the Cleveland Browns have supposedly met with or scouted from either the Senior Bowl, their Pro Day, or a Private Workout.

Heckert Presser: Not Very Open About Draft Plans; Talks About McCoy in Texas

Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert spoke with the local media Thursday morning to primarily answer questions about the upcoming draft. Saying he "answered" questions so to speak might not be accurate, as you would expect from a team not wanting to tip their hat regarding their draft plans.

Rick Gosselin's First Mock Draft Has Cleveland Taking...

Gosselin did come out with a first edition of his mock draft last week though, and he is picking the Cleveland Browns to take cornerback Patrick Peterson. His picks prior to Cleveland selecting are Newton, Dareus, Miller, Green, and Gabbert, respectively. Regarding the selection of Peterson, Gosselin says, "Sheldon Brown showing some age at cornerback."

Browns Meeting With DE Robert Quinn Today; Met With WR Greg Little

We have heard the pros and cons of Quinn already, so let's take a look at a lesser known player who visited the Browns: University of North Carolina wide receiver Greg Little.

Pluto Talks About Targeting the O-Line After a Trade Down

In his weekly Sunday column at the Plain Dealer, Terry Pluto was full of good bullet points about the upcoming draft. I was drawn to one point he made about trading down, because I had been going through the same scenario in my head earlier in the day:

Judge Takes a Look at the Browns' Draft Needs

CBS Sports writer Clark Judge took a position-by-position look at the draft needs of the Cleveland Browns on Saturday. While he thinks the Browns are indeed committed to Colt McCoy, the wide receiver position stands out as a glaring need.

Tracking the Cleveland Browns' Draft Interests

Tracking the Cleveland Browns' Draft Interests

Browns Hosting Pair of Miami Cornerbacks for Workouts

The cornerback we didn't know about was Brandon Harris, who is projected to be a late first-round or early second-round pick. Both cornerbacks reportedly had dinner with a defensive backs coach on the Browns Thursday night.

SB Nation Mock Draft: Dawgs By Nature Selects DE Adrian Clayborn at No. 37

With the 37th overall pick in the 2011 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Adrian Clayborn, defensive end, Iowa.

Browns Take a Look at WR Jerrel Jernigan

According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the Cleveland Browns had wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan in for a visit Monday. Jernigan is valued as a second-round draft choice.

Linebacker Draws 'Considerable' Interest from Browns

According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the Cleveland Browns have shown considerable interest in West Virginia linebacker J.T. Thomas, for reasons other than the fact that his name would look similar to their All-Pro left tackle.


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