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Devils Advocate: Browns Need Cameron Newton

You're damn skippy we do.

Hey, I love Colt McCoy just as much as the next guy, but are we really ready to hitch our wagon to this guy's star? His last two games he was 35/70 for 358 yards, 1 touchdown and six interceptions! Even if he is a rookie, maybe the two best teams in our division figured him out.

Let's not forget, the best quarterbacks in the NFL are from the first round. How many good quarterbacks are from outside the first round? I know about Tom Brady. I'll even add Matt Schuab. Who else? The odds against Colt McCoy are really, really long.

What we need is a star. A gigantic, rocket armed star. That star is Cameron Newton, and if the Browns are smart, they should make him the face and future of the Cleveland Browns.

1. First of all, let's get it out of the way. Anyone with a bit of sense believes this kid had some knowledge of what his Daddy was doing. Let's be grown-ups here. I know what the NCAA has ruled, but since when do we think the NCAA has gotten anything right?

But guess what? I don't give a flying Hines Ward if he took the money. He was offered money because the dude is amazing. People don't pay Joe Bauserman. Newton can things that no one else can.

Save me the "we don't want that kind of person on our team" crapola. You know who has those kind of people on their teams? The Steelers and Ravens. You know who has been kicking our asses for the past 12 seasons? Go figure. I'm not saying we turn into a bunch of criminals like the North Kentucky Bengals, but who cares if we don't have choir boys? This is football, not a day care.

Think the Eagles are happy they signed Mike Vick? Winning football games here people. We need a trigger man.

2. With that out of the way, look around the NFL. There isn't one team in the NFL playoffs that doesn't have a quarterback. Even the Seahawks still have the corpse of Matt Hasselbeck to roll out there.

You know how good your team has to be to win in this league without a good quarterback? The Ravens defense was possibly the best of all-time, but who else?

This is a quarterback league.

We need ours. Why sit around and wait to see if Colt McCoy is that guy? Draft Newton, play McCoy and decide in two seasons. What is the wost that can happen? We are in this same position three years from now? Worse things have happened.

Best case scenario, we have two quarterbacks that are able to lead this team. Worked for the Falcons when they traded Schuab and teams are falling over themselves to give the Eagles picks for Kolb. God forbid the Browns actually holding some cards when it came to a quarterback trade.

Fire the bullets when you have them. A.J Green would be sweet, but wide receivers bust more than almost any other position. You wanna roll the dice on Justin Blackmon? Unlike Newton, Blackmon's off the field transgressions can cost him playing time.

Any other pick looks like a reach. No front seven defenders really fit into our scheme. We just used a first round pick on CB last season, plus gave Sheldon Brown a fat deal. Can we really afford to put more money into the defensive backfield?

Where else can we spend this pick that would make as much of an impact as Newton? We can't. Get the bang for your buck.

3. Six foot Six. Two hundred and fifty pounds. Four point four-two forty. That is something that you create on Madden, not real life. He is bigger than Clay Matthews. He is faster than Joe Haden.

This isn't just an athlete running around making plays. This kid can throw the ball all over the yard. Check the stats for yourself:

Cam Newton: 165/246, 67.1 Comp%, 2589 yards, 11.7 YPA, 28-6 ratio

Player A: 245/349, 70.2 Comp%, 3051 yards, 9.4 YPA, 28-7 ratio

I am guessing you have an idea who Player A is. Did you guess All-World Savior to be Andrew Luck? I didn't even include the 1,400 yards rushing to Newton's stats. I hate to be that guy, but Andrew Luck didn't play as tough of a schedule as Newton either. Newton faced defensive wizard Nick Saban, when Saban knew he had to throw, and torched him for 13-20, 216 yards and 3 TD's. Sounds good to me.

We are talking Matt Ryan with wheels here people. How sweet is that?! Newton was the best player in college football last season, and he has the tools to be amazing in the NFL.

4. Ready for a unreal stat? Cam Newton has zero turnovers in the second half this season. That's right, in the third and fourth quarters, he has 0 turnovers. Not on the road at Alabama, down 24.

The kid protects the ball. The best part? When Newton is blitzed, he actually gets better. He uses his eyes and feet to buy time and makes the defense pay for gambling. Look at the numbers:

Vs. the Blitz: 72.9 Comp%, 10 touchdowns, 0 Interceptions

No Blitz: 65.2 Comp%, 18 touchdowns, 6 Interceptions

You can't force him into bad throws. You can't speed the game up for him. It's a thing of beauty. As a defense you have to wait for him to make a mistake. Considering we play Baltimore and Pittsburgh four times a season, isn't cool under pressure huge to a quarterback?

When you combine his ability to torch blitzes and protect the ball, we have the starting point of a damn fine quarterback.

5. I have said it before, but arm strength is overrated. It really is.

But I'm not going to act like it can't be really, really important at times. How many times did Colt float a deep pass? How many routes was Dabol afraid to call with Colt under center?

Check out the second throw on this tape. That is a 52 yard strike, on the money, with a defensive player taking out his legs as he throws. 52 yards with no legs. The dude can make very single throw in the book, and throw it accurately. Can Colt McCoy do that?

It's not the end all, be all of a quarterback, but it is nice to have in the bag.

Cam Newton is going to be a star in the NFL. Hopefully it is with the Cleveland Browns.

This viewpoint is not necessarily mine, just the flip side of the coin.