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Report: Dick Jauron to be Considered by Browns for Defensive Coordinator; Rob Ryan to Dallas?

With the Cleveland Browns naming Pat Shurmur their head coach on Thursday, the attention now turns to who the team's coordinators will be next season. A couple of days before the Shurmur hire, reports surfaced that the Browns were interested in Dave Wannstedt as their defensive coordinator. Late last night, a new name emerged -- Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs coach Dick Jauron.

Jauron has a pretty good resume in the NFL. He was the head coach of the Chicago Bears from 1999-2003, and the head coach of the Buffalo Bills from 2006-2009. He had one great season for Chicago in 2001, and then several good seasons by the standards of the Bills (three straight 7-9 finishes). Jauron started as a defensive coordinator in the NFL from 1995-1998 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. His most recent time at that coaching position came in 2004-2005 with the Detroit Lions. He also served as a defensive backs coach in Green Bay with Mike Holmgren a long time ago.

A source with knowledge of Jauron's past tells me that Jauron is a fan of the 3-4 defense, and that it would be wrong to assume he would automatically switch the Browns to a 4-3 defense. Per the source, Jauron is a "run what your personnel dictates" type of coach.

As for current Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, reports indicate that the Dallas Cowboys are looking to interview him. While the Cowboys' defense underachieved this year, if Ryan gets that job, it will probably be the most talented team defensively he has ever had to work with in the NFL. That might be an attractive position for him, because if the Cowboys do well under him, it could be the type of performance that gives Ryan a head coaching position he's been looking for.

There is no word on who the Browns would hire as their offensive coordinator, although Brian Daboll is still under contract. I speculated several days ago that I wondered if Pat Shurmur would assume the playcalling duties himself. I'm sure we'll find out more over the next couple of days.