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Around the Pound (1/18): Defensive Coaches, and The Better of Two Evils

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at a rehash of the Browns' coaching situation, the better of two evils for the AFC Championship match this Sunday, and more.


Jauron and Wannstedt to Interview, Daboll to Dolphins

The Browns will be interviewing at least two people for the defensive coordinator position this week: Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt. Both names have been reported over the past week or so, but unless both of them find more attractive offers elsewhere, it seems likely that one of them will be hired. Who will get the job? It will have to be whatever coach can demonstrate in their interview that they can work with the personnel the Browns have. Cleveland's youth is invested in the secondary right now, and Jauron's specialty is as a defensive backs coach.

As for Brian Daboll, most of you should know by now that he was sent to the Miami Dolphins. I am surprised that Daboll found an offensive coordinator position so soon, but it shouldn't be a guarantee that he will fail there. Until I see a coach in action with two different teams, it is hard to criticize them because they could have been restricted due to the personnel they had and perhaps even what the head coach instructed them to implement. Miami has utilized the Wildcat, so Daboll's familiarity with the concept (even though it was seldom used) might make for a smooth transition.

I hope the fact that there have not been any rumors that Brad Seely is interviewing elsewhere is a good sign that he will be retained. With how good his track record is, if it knew he would not be retained, it is hard to imagine him not receiving an interview elsewhere.

The AFC Championship - Jets vs. Steelers

I would have considered rooting for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Based on the teams in the AFC Championship this Sunday though, is there any doubt that a good percentage of Browns fans will be rooting for the Bears or the Packers to take home the trophy?

As much as I don't want to see the Jets or the Steelers win it all, I am not one to diminish the fact that they are both great teams. For the Jets to have been able to stop Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on the road in back-to-back weeks is incredible. Pittsburgh's defense will be a tough test for the Jets offense, and it is tough for any team to take down Ben Roethlisberger. Right now, I am leaning toward picking the Steelers to come away victorious.

And, as much as I hate to say it, Braylon Edwards has made the most of his opportunities with the Jets this season. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see him have a costly drop next week though.

Pluto: What We Are Paying Former Staff

From Terry Pluto's column this past Sunday:

Mangini will be paid more than $3.5 million annually over the next two years not to coach the Browns. If you are trying to keep score, that means the Browns are paying one general manager (Savage), two head coaches (Mangini and Crennel) and one coordinator (Chudzinski) not to work for the team in 2011. George Kokinis also received some type of financial settlement when he was fired at midseason in 2009 as general manager.

Off-Beat Notes

  • Great job again by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes this past Sunday. His opening "roast" was nice, and most of his jabs throughout the night kept for an entertaining broadcast. I liked seeing the camera flash to Ed O'Neill after Katey Segal's win for best actress -- nice callback to their time spent together on Married With Children.
  • Even though the Bears handled the Seahawks without many problems this past Sunday, I couldn't help but scratch by head at how well Matt Hasselbeck played considering his performances over the past two seasons during the regular season. The past two seasons, he has thrown 17 touchdown passes. In two playoff games, he threw 7 touchdown passes. He hadn't had a three-touchdown performance all season, but he did it twice in the postseason. That makes it tough for Seattle to have any thoughts of giving up on the veteran quarterback.
  • Two weeks in, and I am digging The Cape. It is nothing spectacular, but is was the only new show on broadcast television that captured my attention this season. I'll be tuning in the next couple of weeks to see if it can keep things up, even if it debuted to lackluster ratings.