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Prepping for Big Game Parties: How Do You Celebrate?

The Super Bowl is just a couple of weeks away, and while we do not want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers make it, even if they are in the big game, I'm sure almost all of you will tune in to the game in hopes that the NFC's representative will take home the title.

People celebrate the Super Bowl in many ways, whether it be watching the game by yourself, hanging out with your family, or going to a full-fledged watch party complete with food and beverages. In the past, I went to one large Super Bowl party (30+ people). It was a nice experience, and while most people were focused on the game, I found that it was more difficult to digest individual plays like I was used to due to the distractions around me. What can I say -- even if the game doesn't involve the Browns, I want to make sure I know what happened on every play as best as I can.

Therefore, including the past few years, my "Super Bowl party" has just consisted of my family and I, typically enjoying a pizza and some various snacks. I also like paying attention to the post-Super Bowl shows, especially since this year's will feature Glee.

How have you typically spent your Super Bowls in the past? Are there any foods, beverages, or festivities that have become "tradition" for the big game? Let us know, or if you are feeling really adventurous, perhaps invite some DBN'ers to your party. Imagine the look on your face when the first arrival is a guy who starts talking about his love for fullbacks and camping under the moon.