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Around the AFC North (1/25): Carson Palmer's Trade Request

I will be field-testing new features over the next couple of weeks that I hope can become daily posts to help expand upon your reading pleasure here on Dawgs By Nature. The first version is a spinoff of "Around the Pound" called "Around the AFC North," where we'll take a look at the latest buzzing news regarding teams in the AFC North. For those who are worried that I am not highlighting non-AFC North teams, fear not -- if there is a story about another team that I want to highlight, I will do so in Around the Pound.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer's Trade Request

We didn't think Marvin Lewis was going to return to Cincinnati, but he did. After Carson Palmer's trade request, will the same hold true for him? According to reports, Palmer has made several unknown requests in order to return to the team.

According to Bengals radio play-by-play man Brad Johansen, during his meeting with Mike Brown last week, Carson Palmer demanded a trade after "numerous requests to Mike Brown for change in order to return."

In our view, his idea for change will be anything that brings the team to a more stable and sustained form of success. And it wouldn't be entirely too hard to believe that Palmer may have reiterated Lewis' demands to modernize the team.

The Browns experienced a somewhat similar situation with Seneca Wallace, who basically said he would not have wanted to come back for another season under Eric Mangini. Wallace is a free agent this coming season.

Baltimore Ravens: Mayor Wears Steelers Jersey (Video)

Hopefully none of Cleveland's public officials take on a bet with the Steelers until this team starts showing consistency (in a good way) against our division rivals:

Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lost a bet with the Mayor of Pittsburgh over the Baltimore Ravens loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Divisional Round of the 2011 NFL Playoffs a week or so ago. Therefore, she was forced to don the colors of the Ravens hated rivals in the form of a Hines Ward jersey. Thankfully, she only had to wear such filth for a few moments until she had fulfilled her obligation as a fun and good sport.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Deep Statistical Analysis of the Best Defense in 2010

This was a two-parter, so you can check our Part 1 and Part 2. Per the author...

I decided I wanted to take a deeper look into NFL defenses and find the best one based on more than just yards per game. I will try to take into account those many dependent variables, but remember this is not perfect science (what is really?). This is just one man's statistical review of the issue. I guarantee you though, it is a better representation of a defense as a whole than yards per game.

Overall, it is a pretty detailed review that focuses particularly on the Steelers' rankings. However, all 32 NFL teams are listed and all of the tables and statistics provided are sortable by column, so you can view how the Browns stack up compared to other teams.