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Ben Watson: Never Played the West Coast Style

Ben Watson isn't picking the Steelers to win the Super Bowl (fist pump).
Ben Watson isn't picking the Steelers to win the Super Bowl (fist pump).

On Wednesday afternoon, Cleveland Browns tight end Benjamin Watson answered questions from fans on SportsNation. Among the topics discussed include how the Browns can compete with the Steelers in the future, the team's biggest need in the draft, and what he thinks of the West Coast offense.

The entire chat transcript can be read here. I have pulled out about half of the material to highlight it:

Question: What is it going to take for your Browns to become a legitimate contender than can compete with and possibly take down the Steelers?

Watson: Number one, we need to keep a coach for more than two years. We need to have some stability. We didn't score enough offensively to beat people -- our defense didn't allow more than 30 points in a game until the end of the season. We've improved, but we have to improve enough to win close games.

Question: Ben, have you met Coach Shurmur, and if so, what is your impression?

Watson: I have not met Coach Shurmur yet. I've spoken with players who've played under him and they have good things to say about him. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

Question: What is the Brown's biggest need in the draft?

Ben Watson: As an offensive guy, we need a big-time playmaker. We need someone who can help us score points, but we can't solve all our problems through the draft. We have some good players in place right now, but the more weapons, the better. Our defense played well -- Joe Haden and T.J. Ward played very well.

Question: Do you think the west coast offense will be a good fit for you?

Ben Watson: I'm not sure! I never really played in a West Coast offense. Every coach has their spin on whatever offense we play, but hopefully I'll continue to make plays for the team in our new offense.

Question: You're rooting for Green Bay, right Ben?

Ben Watson: I'm not rooting for anybody -- I do think that Green Bay will win. Their offense is playing really great right now. Pittsburgh knows how to win and they have a top-flight defense, but Green Bay is playing better right now. Plus my dad predicted that Green Bay would win, and he's usually never wrong.