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Poll: Will You Watch the Pro Bowl This Sunday?

This Sunday, the NFL Pro Bowl returns to Honolulu, Hawaii at 7:00 PM EST. Calling the game on FOX will be Thom Brennaman, Terry Bradshaw, and Brian Billick.

The question is, as a Cleveland Browns fan, will you be watching? It is great to have Joe Thomas or Alex Mack together on the offensive line, but due to the "safe" rules of the Pro Bowl (no blitzing and no hitting of the quarterback), their contributions probably will not be noticed very much.

I always find myself with high hopes for the game because it is another taste of football, but then I come away disappointed by the year-after-year realization that the rules pretty much made the game boring despite all of the points on the board. I wish there would be more trick plays worked into the game by each team.