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Around the Pound (1/4): DBN Fantasy Football Winner, More Coaching Candidates

Now that the Cleveland Browns season is over, it is fitting to bring back some more regularly scheduled editions of "Around the Pound." For those of you who are newer to the site or do not remember Around the Pound, it basically represents a cluster of tidbits ranging from Browns news, NFL news, and off-beat commentary all in one post.

In today's return edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at the winner of the official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League, an updated list of the coaching candidates the Browns have reportedly reached out to, what the Bengals decided to do at their head coaching position, and more.


Official DBN Fantasy Football Winner

The Championship game in the Official DBN Fantasy Football League occurred in Week 16, featuring TheDriveStillHurts vs. rufio. It was a very closely contested battle, and looking at both team's benches, it doesn't look like either team made any big mistakes in terms of who they started. With that said, congratulations to TheDriveStillHurts, who defeated rufio by a score of 99-95. Injuries are part of the game, but if you're looking for a reason the higher-seeded rufio lost, it would be that Mike Tolbert suffered an early injury and netted -2 points.

Our third place game featuring Buckeye Brad and golanbatrac was also closely contested, but Brad pulled out the 80-77 victory. Therefore, the top place finishers include...

1st Place: TheDriveStillHurts
2nd Place: rufio
3rd Place: Buckeye Brad
Regular Season Winner: golanbatrac

Thanks to all who participated in the league, I was especially pleased at the beginning of the year when everyone attended the draft. I thought my team was well-equipped, but I had difficulty ever finding a good No. 2 running back, and when Antonio Gates went down to injury, so did my team.

List of Coaching Candidates Contacted by Browns

Updating the list of coaching candidates that the Browns have already contacted, the list now includes the following individuals:

  • Perry Fewell - Giants' defensive coordinator this season, former defensive coordinator and interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills.
  • Mike Mularkey - Falcons' offensive coordinator the past couple of years, helping the growth of Matt Ryan. He had a three-year head coaching stint with the Buffalo Bills, and before that was known for being the offensive coordinator of the Steelers for several years.
  • Pat Shurmur - Rams' offensive coordinator for the past two years, including this year with rookie Sam Bradford.

Marty Mornhinweg of the Eagles might have been contacted by the Browns already too. Regarding the candidates above, I'd probably be most interested in Fewell. I like Mularkey as an offensive coordinator, but he's the type of guy who I pigeon-hole in that type of role. The Rams' offense seems very similar in style to the Browns from what I've seen of them the past two years -- I don't have much of an interest in him.

Marvin Lewis Returns to the Bengals

The Browns will be the only team in the division with a new head coach next season, as the Bengals decided to retain head coach Marvin Lewis. I think it was wise of Cincinnati to keep Lewis.

As for the particular details of Lewis' extension, there weren't any. It wasn't announced how many years Lewis will be the head coach of the Bengals under this new extension. It wasn't announced whether or not an indoor practice facility would be built or if Lewis would be granted more control over team personnel like many feel he wanted. The only thing that was announced was that he was back.

Quotes From Mangini After His Firing

The article above contains quotes from former head coach Eric Mangini Tuesday morning. Here is what he said regarding the Browns offense, which states the obvious:

"[The Browns] need more playmakers on offense," said Mangini. "Ben Watson had 68 catches, and that was a huge upgrade for us. Peyton Hillis did a really good job, but there was no back behind him, and once he was hurt [he broke two ribs in a Dec. 26 loss to Baltimore] it really slowed him down."

Off-Beat Notes

  • A little over 11 months ago, I was as excited as I had ever been for a television show in anticipation of the season premiere of LOST. I have also gotten accustomed to the annual 2-hour premiere of "24" following the divisional round of the playoffs. Both of those shows are gone, and so far none of the new television shows this year appear close to replacing them. The previews for "The Cape" have me a little bit interested though.
  • Fringe has been awesome. I hate to see that it will be buried in FOX's Friday death slot in a couple of weeks when it returns, but the fact remains that it is extremely well-written and full of suspense every week. If you have not seen that show, I would recommend checking it out on DVD and online.
  • I wish all of the Bowl games (minus two of them) weren't stashed on ESPN this year.