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Devils Advocate: Why Marty Mornhinweg Should Be The Browns Next Head Coach

Yes, the dude who chose to kickoff in overtime. I guarantee you that most people only remember Marty Mornhinweg for this moment.

Guess what? There is a school of thought that believes Marty Mo was making the CORRECT decision. Bet you didn't see that coming.

What if I told you that Marty was the only assistant coach that Andy Reid trusted enough to call plays? Or that under Marty's guidance, the Eagles have become a wide open attack that can strike from anywhere. How about with Marty Mo as the offensive coordinator, the Eagles have scored 416 points and 439 points the past two seasons. That is with three different starting quarterbacks! The Browns scored 245 points and 271 points over the same time span.

Marty Mornhinweg is the best head coaching candidate that the Browns can hire. Sometimes the right decision isn't the popular one. These four reasons will hopefully convince you that Marty Mo is the man to bring the Lombardi trophy to Cleveland.

1. What ever happened to "In Holmgren We Trust"?

Did the Jake Delhomme decision really shake us that much? After all, who on earth knows Marty Mo better than Holmgren? Mrs. Marty Mo? We are talking about a guy who literally studied Holmgren's offense in High School.(Marty Mo was Holmgren's 1978 State winning Oak Grove High School). If Holmgren thinks that Marty Mo is a better candidate to be our head coach than himself, who the hell are we to question the almighty mustache?!

I know some are skeptical of Holmgren. But I truly think that he wants to build a winner here. He wants to leave this franchise in a much better place then what he found it in. He has done it everywhere he has gone, why would here be any different?

Say it with me people, "In Holmgren We Trust".

2. Hiring Marty Mo finishes the circle. The biggest problem for Mangini was that he wasn't from the same circle as Holmgren and Heckert. With Marty Mo in the fold, all three have worked together. Isn't that what we really wanted? A president, a general manager and a head coach all working in unison?

This would be something totally new for the Browns. Look back:

Chris Palmer-Dwight Clark: Different Schools

Butch Davis-Himself: That didn't work

Romeo Crennel-Phil Savage: Different Schools

Eric Mangini-George Kokinis: Is there a stronger word than fail?

Mike Holmgren-Tom Heckert- Eric Mangini: Meh.

Why not try and unite a single school, a single train of thought all in one place? As we know, the crap before has been a true plane wreck.

3. If you have ESPN insider, or the January 11, 2010 ESPN The Magazine, you can read this article. If you don't, here is what that article implies: Going by history, out of all the NFL assistants, Marty Mo has the highest probability of being the best Head Coach. Don't believe me?

Here are their guidelines:

A. Between the ages of 41 and 49

B. Had at least 11 years of coaching experience

C. Assistant on a team that has won 50 games over 5 years

D. Only one previous Head Coaching gig

Marty Mo fills the need in every single one of those requirements. Surprised? What other coaches filled this criteria at points in their careers? Mike Shanahan when he went to Denver. Tony Dungy when he went to Indy. Tom Coughlin after his stint in Jacksonville, and finally Bill Belichick after he left Cleveland. Four Super Bowl winning head coaches.

Let's make it five.

4. Marty Mo knows how to work with different QB's.

Donovan McNabb has fallen on hard times without Marty. When McNabb got hurt, Marty Mo called the plays with Jeff Garcia, taking the Eagles into the playoffs. Kevin Kolb is pegged as the best back-up quarterback in all of the NFL, thanks to working with Marty Mo on a daily basis. And of course we haven't even mentioned Marty's greatest achievement.

He has turned Micheal Vick into the most dangerous offensive weapon in the NFL. Name me one other NFL team that has changed quarterback, running back and tight end on the fly and somehow gotten better? That is what Marty Mo did. He went from the Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and LJ Smith offense, changed on the fly to Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek offense. That is nuts!

What better person to put in charge of a team that is going to be making changes on offense?

You think that Colt McCoy won't max out his potential with Holmgren and Marty Mo being the two biggest influences in his career? I don't know if he will be the an All-Pro every season, but if he isn't good, we know it won't be because of coaching. Isn't that something that we would like to see?

These are not my views per se, but the flip side of the coin