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Shurmur: More Playing Time in Store for Little and Moore

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media Monday afternoon (before the Marcus Benard accident) to discuss several things that have happened since the team's bye week. One of the highlights is that Greg Little will be a starting receiver at the "X" position, and tight end Evan Moore should see some more reps. I've pulled the highlights from the transcript after the jump. [Read entire Monday afternoon transcript here]

(On if Joe Haden has a good shot of playing Sunday) - "It’s too early to tell, too early to tell on both him and Alex (Mack).  Once we make a determination one way or the other I’ll make sure you guys know."

(On what area’s he is happy about and what area’s he feels needs improvement coming out of the Bye Week) - "What you’ve noticed from the first four weeks is we’ve got some good young talent that’s out there getting better each week.  I feel like our schemes are in place.  As I mentioned earlier, there are some things that we’ll do more and emphasize and then there are some things about our scheme that we’ll, both sides of the ball and our kicking game that we’ll set aside. I felt good about that.  I think we need to find a way to start fast in all our games and we looked at some of the areas that we can do better.  We looked at some of the specific personnel issues that as we move forward like you saw today watching practice.  Greg Little has played over 200 snaps, but as it goes forward here we’ll just put him at the "X" (position).  We’ll get him in there and get him starting as the "X" and then typically he plays in the slot when we go to three receiver sets.  Some of those things, again, I’m optimistic as we move forward and I’m looking forward to playing Oakland."

(On if they would be better off if they shortened the receiver rotation from four to five guys down to two or three) - "I think there are things that you look at in terms of playing personnel groupings. When I look back at a four game total of play there are certain guys that need to get on the field more.  We mentioned this about the ball carriers. That game got a little bit away from what we wanted to do, so that’s a one game sequence.  Evan Moore needs to be in there more. We’re going to make sure we keep putting Greg Little in there and Joshua Cribbs. I think Benjamin Watson is playing at a very high level.  He’s a three down tight end so when you put in Evan Moore a lot of times it’s in a two tight end set. Those are the things you look at."

(On using Evan Moore as more of a wide receiver) - "You did a very good job of answering your own question and really what you look at when you put players on the field is if you put one on the field then somebody’s not there.  And so, I think it’s important that we play all the players and you just got to find the right mix and when you put him out there try to use him in the best way that you can.  When you put Evan on the field you can’t always throw the football.  And so, when you use multiple receiver sets same thing, you can’t always throw it and so, you kind of answered your own question by saying those are the things that you factor in when you go to attack an opponent."

(On if the Peyton Hillis story is becoming a distraction) - "Well, because I keep getting questions about it that’s why it won’t go away.  I’d like to move on.  We’re talking about playing the Oakland Raiders. Whatever happened has happened three weeks ago and I’d like to move on and get ready to play the Raiders.  That’s the way I’m approaching it."

(On if Colt McCoy is throwing behind the receivers more then he should) - "I wouldn’t say that’s a general statement I would make.  He’s had some inaccurate throws, but I’m sure your thinking specifically of one or two or three.  But, he can’t do that.  Balls got to be out front when a receiver is moving away from you."

(On re-evaluating yourself during the bye week) - "Some of it is strategic so I’ll hold that, but I think it’s important that we move forward and focus on the details of playing and coaching. (It) gave me an opportunity to look back at all the games, all the situations.  There’s obviously a thing or two that I would do differently within the games.  But again, some of that is strategic."