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Colt McCoy Approves of Shurmur's Comments on Little and Moore

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I was pleased earlier in the week to hear head coach Pat Shurmur state that rookie wide receiver Greg Little would be a starting receiver moving forward, and that they would be making an effort to get tight end Evan Moore more involved in the offense.

On Wednesday, quarterback Colt McCoy talked with the media about those two changes. "I think that’s good.  Speaking receiver wise, I’m excited for Greg, he’s earned it.  But, all those guys are going to play a lot, they’re all going to get their reps.  We play a long four quarters and we try to spread the ball around.  All those guys are going to play a lot, but I’m thinking we can use Greg a little bit more and also Evan."

In Week 1, Moore was targeted six times. In the three games following that, he was targeted a total of six times as blocking tight end Alex Smith saw more reps to assist the right tackle. In the preseason, Moore was close to being the team's top targeted receiver in limited snaps.

"Coach mentioned it and we talked about it, getting Evan involved a little bit more," said McCoy.  "He’s a playmaker and we need to try and get the ball in his hands too.  In order to be consistent, we need to start taking advantage of some of those things, run the ball well and that’s the only way we have a chance to win games."

Right on. Now, let's hope it actually translates to gameday. Romeo Crennel was a big fan of promoting change in personnel during his press conferences, but not going through with it.