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Shurmur: Joe Haden Not Doing Much, Titus Brown Could be Active

In Pat Shurmur's press conference on Friday, he mainly talked about center Alex Mack and cornerback Joe Haden. He would not rule either of them out nor would he confirm either of them would play against the Oakland Raiders. Based on everything that has happened in practice, we're likely to see Mack play, and probably unlikely to see Haden play. Bummer. A few of the highlights from the presser are after the jump. [Full Shurmur Friday press conference transcript here].

(On what Haden is actually doing inside)- "He’s getting himself better, he’s going through his rehab just like Alex does. He’s got conditioning, rehab, anything you would do when you’re not out here."

(On if Haden is able to run)- "I don’t know that.  I wouldn’t say that he’s running right now."

(On if Hardesty or Peyton Hillis can pop a long run)- "I hope to see each one of them pop long ones.  You’ve got to create some big plays in the running game and you try like heck to get everybody blocked, but at times you’ve got to make a guy miss or break a tackle.  I’m looking for both of those guys to be able to do that and create an explosive play in the running game, much like Oakland does with their backs."

(On if Titus Brown will be active for the first time this season)- "There’s a good chance that he’ll be active.  He’s had a really good week of practice and we’re going to take him out there with the idea that there’s a good chance he can play."

(On if Greg Little could also help the running game with his blocking)- "He is a big physical guy and he’s one of those young guys where he’s excited to play whether we’re throwing it or running it. I’m looking for him to be a physical presence out there."

(On if Little’s run blocking factored into the decision to start him)- "You look at everything, but typically for a receivers first and foremost, you’re looking for production. Then you’re looking at guys that will do everything in terms of blocking and he’s done a nice job with that.  That had something to do with it."