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Trade Deadline Musings

Today at 4:01PM teams in the NFL will no longer have the option of improving their teams by addition or subtraction.  Being just a few miles from the Browns Berea facility I leaned my head out of the window and thought I could hear frantic dialing and phones ringing.  Are the Browns looking to make a last minute deal that will power them out of a sluggish start and into contention for the checkered flag?  Will they pick up yet more draft picks for next year?  A running back drafted in the 7th round of the 09 draft (Chris Ogbonnaya) is a start but what else could the Browns do to bolster their sagging offense and perfect a promising defense?

A Pick for...

The Browns have an extra pick in the first round from the Falcons garnered from moving down in the draft last year.  Right now the Falcons are 3-3 and that would put that pick right in the middle of the first round.  So a team trading with the Browns for that pick could end up with an impact player.  Matt Forte is rumored to be requesting a trade from Chicago.  Since Forte has had a great career with the Bears it is doubtful they would trade him but if they did it would likely require a first round pick.  The problem here is that he is requesting a trade because of contract issues.  So the Browns could trade one set of contract issues for another.

Brian Robiskie for...

Plaxico Burress?  I'd never make that trade were I the Jets front office but maybe the Browns could sweeten the deal with a later round draft pick.  Anything we could get for Robiskie would be a plus and even though Burress is past his peak he might be a good experienced receiver to have around to show the inexperienced Browns receivers the ropes.  Hopefully he wouldn't show them the finer points of how to conceal-carry a pistol.  Brandon Lloyd would have been an excellent pickup but it doesn't seem as if the Browns were even in the running.  It is difficult to understand why the Browns front office does not seem to see a need for an experienced wide receiver.

Peyton Hillis for...

It is difficult for a Hillis fan like myself to even think about trading him.  But at this point it is starting to seem possible that at some point the Browns and Hillis might part ways.  So why not get something for him now when his value is high?  A team that might really be interested is Detroit.  Javid Best is a great player but he has had several concussions and has just suffered another.  Detroit is a team destined for the playoffs.  They might be willing to give a high draft pick for Hillis--maybe even their first pick.  And here is my dream pick which will never happen... Hillis to the Patriots for Ryan Mallett.  McCoy would make a good backup so Wallace would be released and Mallett would start for the rest of the year.  If the gamble with Mallett is unsuccessful the Browns could draft Andrew Luck.  If successful the Browns could address other needs with their first pick.  Seems like a no-lose situation. 

The most likely scenario I see for the Browns is no action at the trade deadline.  If you have a trade that you would like to see the Browns make, note it below.  Try and keep them somewhat reasonable in terms of value.