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Game Ball of the Week: Greg Little

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Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders was a letdown to Cleveland Browns fans who were hoping for an improved version of a team that was just coming off of a bye week, but wide receiver Greg Little was definitely a bright spot in the game and therefore gets this week's game ball. In his first game as the team's starting receiver, I'm not sure if he ever left the field. He was targeted 12 times by Colt McCoy and came away with a career-best 6 catches for 72 yards.

Two of Little's targets came when McCoy was trying to get the Browns into the end zone. On the first one, the camera crew did not do a good job of showing how Little got open, but it seemed like something similar to when he scored his first touchdown in the preseason. Little was hoping to get his first regular season touchdown, but he stumbled as he turned around while trying to avoid the sideline. I could see it in his eyes that he was hungry to score a touchdown and was disappointed when he wasn't able to come through. Nonetheless, the Browns scored a touchdown one play later.

Little also had another grab late in the game where he kept powering through defenders, gaining yards after the catch the tough way. It was like the Peyton Hillis of old trucking through defenders, but instead it's a wide receiver doing it. Unlike the game two weeks ago, I didn't see Little bobble any passes, and it seems like McCoy is more willing to find him than he ever was willing to find Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie.

There were also a couple of deep passes that Little almost had. On one of them, he might have slowed up just a tad in his attempts to judge the ball and shield off the defender. On the other, he tipped a ball thrown near two defenders and just barely missed coming away with it. With some more experience, if he makes those type of plays on a regular basis, this guy is going to be a machine. The jury is still out as to whether or not he can develop into a No. 1 receiver, but for once I see some potential at the receiver position.