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Week 7 NFL TV Distribution Maps (Seahawks vs. Browns)


Calling the Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns game this Sunday are Ron Pitts and Jim Mora Jr. on FOX. That's right -- this is our first of two FOX games this year, and we've been awarded the Z crew.

Almost all of Ohio gets to see the game this week, except for the Toledo/Findlay area. If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will see this Sunday (after the jump). [See Week 7 TV Distribution Maps here]


1:00 PM Games
-Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns (FOX)

4:00 PM Games
-Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals (CBS)

8:20 PM Games
-Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints (NBC)


(specific city listings not available this week)