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Former Browns RB Jerome Harrison Has Brain Tumor

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There were two trades set to take place the day of the trade deadline: the blockbuster one involving quarterback Carson Palmer, and then another one that would send Detroit Lions running back Jerome Harrison to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for running back Ronnie Brown. A seventh-round draft pick would've also been thrown in the deal, but the trade was nullified after Harrison failed his physical.

It would have been the second time in two years that Harrison, a former and beloved member of the Cleveland Browns, would have been traded to Philadelphia. Harrison was dealt to the Eagles for running back Mike Bell last year. I don't think that scenario has ever occurred in the NFL, but I wouldn't even know where to begin to verify that.

Apparently, the trade was a "life-saving one," according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Harrison failed the physical because it was discovered by Philadelphia doctors that he had a brain tumor. It's not every day that players undergo physicals; they typically seem to take place when a player joins a new team. Per Schefter:

Harrison is not expected to play again this season, but his long-term prognosis both for life and his football career appear to be good, sources said. He is visiting with more doctors Thursday.

Get well soon, Harrison! I think it still would've been great to have him as our change-of-pace back, but what's done is done.