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Curry: One of the Browns' Players Tipped Hand of Run vs. Pass

As the Cleveland Browns get ready to take on the San Francisco 49ers, you don't expect to hear one of our opponents from two weeks ago still talking about the team. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle though, Oakland Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry was talking about how his new role in the AFC allows him to do less thinking for focus more on the "little things." The example he gave? One of the Browns' offensive linemen would tip their hand as to what type of play was going to be run.

"One of the O-linemen from Cleveland, they gave it up every play, most of the time, I'd say about 70 percent of the time, whether it was run or pass. They had no clue they were doing it, but I figured it out from just watching the film."

There are a few things to consider here. First, you have to imagine that Curry is referring to one of our guards, since there is too much experience at the tackle positions and center for something like this to happen. Second, it's hard to say whether this would be a big deal or not. While I'm not going to sit here and say I can predict every play the Browns are going to run, I'd venture to guess my prediction rate on some Sundays would be around 60%+. That takes into account the formation, personnel in the game, and the situation though, not just one particular offensive lineman.