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Pro Football Focus: Nuggets from the Seahawks Game

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Each week, Pro Football Focus takes a quick look back at each of the game's that took place in the previous week and analyzes them. Their review of the Seahawks vs. Browns game is now live. After the jump is a recap of some of the interesting things had to say, along with my own commentary.

  • It was business as usual for left tackle Joe Thomas, and Pro Football Focus actually called it one of the best games of his career. They said he graded perfect in pass protection and only had one negatively-rated play on the day. Considering how many plays the Browns ended up running, that's pretty impressive. The same can't be said for right tackle Tony Pashos, who PFF deemed as having a dismal game that was the complete opposite of what Thomas accomplished. Maybe I should go back and see what they were referring to, because I didn't feel upset at Pashos like I did toward our backup right tackles earlier this season.
  • Cornerback Dimitri Patterson dominated rookie receiver Doug Baldwin in the slot, holding him to without a catch for the first time this season. I didn't mind Patterson as a fill-in starter two weeks ago, but I agree that he has looked awesome in the slot.
  • Seahawks' tight end Anthony McCoy was given a bad rating. Why? He was asked to pass protect six times, and of those six times, he gave up a sack to Chris Gocong and a quarterback hit to Jayme Mitchell. He also dropped two passes.