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Shurmur is Confident that Special Teams Will Improve With Personnel Changes

In his brief meeting with the press on Friday, Cleveland Browns head coach indicated that the team has made some personnel changes on special teams to correct some of the issues they have been having. No players were waived or brought in during the week, so it's hard to imagine too many changes could be made unless some of the starters are going to be forced into double duty. It's also unclear as to what aspect of special teams will see those personnel changes. There have been issues in kick coverage, punt coverage, and field goal protection the past two weeks.

"Yes, again, we’ve made some personnel changes [on special teams] as well as some things schematically that we think will help us," said Shurmur.  "We’ll see how it plays out."

The other concern on special teams was whether the injury to Phil Dawson last week would hurt his production this week. It doesn't seem like it will be a problem.

"Phil actually did all his kicking Thursday and then what we asked him to do today," said Shurmur on Friday.  "He’s back and ready to roll.  He essentially just missed Wednesday so he’s ready to go."

The Browns better be ready on special teams, because they'll be facing a very well-coached Brad Seely unit against the 49ers.