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Game Ball of the Week: Phil Dawson

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When in doubt, the kicker is your team's most valuable player.

On offense, there was not a lot to be proud of from Sunday's 31-13 loss to the Titans. There were dropped passes, poor execution of plays, and very little separation for our receivers again. On defense, there was not a pass rush to speak of, the tight ends could not be covered, and whiffing on tackles became a new priority (all of this excludes cornerback Joe Haden).

And then there was Phil Dawson, who drilled field goals of 48 and 51 yards in the first half. The swirling winds in Cleveland Browns Stadium did not derail him, as he is now 6-for-6 on the season. In the first three games, his longest attempt was only for 30 yards. I wasn't very pleased that he gave the Titans great field position on their first touchdown drive when he kicked the ball out of bounds, but I'll give him a pass because Titans kicker Rob Bironas did the same thing later in the game.

Thank you, Dawson, for remaining consistent over the years. If this is Dawson's final season, hopefully the troops get a couple more wins under their belt for him.